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There are 69 trichinosis cases already confirmed in Mendoza – AIM Digital


The Ministry of Health explained that the cases found were treated until final analysis. After the agreement between different government and community areas of Rivadavia, epidemiological surveillance will be centered in the eastern zone. There will be more street inspectors to control and seize products that do not have a bromatology department certification.

There are 69 trichinosis cases already confirmed in Mendoza

With the aim of intensifying the detection and prevention of potential trichinosis focuses in the eastern zone, the Ministry of Health, Social Development and Sport, together with urban health leaders and agricultural businesses, agreed to strengthen epidemiological surveillance. To do this, action protocols and proposed actions were analyzed in this regard.

The headquarters of the Health Exchequer, Oscar Sagás, and the mayor of Rivadavia, Miguel Ángel Ronco were the meeting at the Government House. They were also part of the Health Secretariat's Zoonoses, Epidemiology and Food Hygiene teams; referring to the Rural Police and the Department of Bromatology and Zoonoses Department of the Rivadavia borough.

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"We are conducting a survey and update on the topic trichinosis in Mendoza. To date we have recorded 69 cases, we had seven inpatients that we had already released. Basically we are working on source search These food sources are likely, especially pigs and wild animals that come from unmarried breeding sites, which means strengthening all epidemiological surveillance, "recognized Sagas. However, peace is officially transferred to society, given the cases found under treatment until final analysis.

"It is important to consider when buying this type of product, that they have all the controls and relevant grades. In addition, the origin of the voices must be notified. It is worth noting that is the technique of the chaccane leakage being a sterilization method that does not kill the trichin, which is the parasite that goes to the body assaulting the intestines, "he recommended the vice secretary.

If pork is eaten, it should be cooked until it turns to mold and at home, analyze the intestines. The other or shooter are not safe methods to kill the parasite.

The mayor of Rivadavia, Miguel Ronco, announced that controls and prevention will be exacerbated: "More inspectors will go out and seize products that do not have the bromatology department certification."

At the meeting, it was agreed that joint preventative and special action be undertaken to identify places of clandestine animal work to avoid the sale of products without bromatic certification.

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