Saturday , January 23 2021

There are 1800 new cases of colon cancer every year in Uruguay – Health – Information – Latest news from Uruguay and the World have been updated t

Uruguay is one of the countries with the highest number of people with the highest deaths because of that t colon cancer and rectum (CRC) t worldwide. "In our country, 1,800 new cases per year of colon cancer are diagnosed, which is an average of 5 cases a day. In our country every 8 hours a person dies from this disease," he said. Dr. Nicolás González, the president Uruguayan Endoscopy Association.

Y cancer This is the second cause of cancer death in women after breast cancer and the third cause of cancer death in men.
"The good news is that colon cancer can be improved early in 90% of cases," said the expert.

Y Early detection is essential patients' survival. However, "the percentage of cases identified in the initial stages of the disease is less than 40%."

The president of Uruguayan Endoscopy Association highlights that prevention programs in our country. "While you should not obsess over the idea that you can have this disease, it's important that you look at yourself and consult with the doctor if you have any questions," 39 the expert.

Objective International Day Against Colon Cancer The intention is to inform and detect the population about the reality and importance of this disease, its frequency and the preventative measures that must be taken to reach the diagnosis in the early stages when it is possible to use it. improve. It is also a day to offer information to everyone who suffers from this cancer.

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