Monday , November 30 2020

Thelma Fardin after the breakdown against Juan Darthés: I was one more contact

Themma Juan's Poetry Complaint Video Darts 1

"I was dead to let me say they were giving the best talk badly about Calu, I wanted to go out and shout my check, but I knew I needed to be part of the task, "he said in radio releases." This was a social problem that has to be made visible, "he added.

He then explained what made his complaint on Tuesday: "All of this had already passed me completely, Something happens that he has nothing to do with me. I was one more contact. "

Themma's Juan's Poetry Complaint Video Darts 2

"This madness produced that It was something that was already hiding in society and he needed it, "he explained." When I spoke to people, we thought that if this was going to send the message to a person, we are happy, "he explained.

"At the time, I did not have the possibility of seeing what was happening, It was another social moment where guilt was eating on you"He said and added:" Obviously before we had a ridge, it was impossible to speak. At the time I was scared. "

"That night I spent myself in my room, and it is alsoto a night he called me insistently, and ended up picking up the phone because I can not stand demanding, "she said." My mother was not there because she could not travel. I could not talk to her at the time, I can only tell two of the castmates"He said.

"When I came back, I had to suffer that night and it was really hard. When I said that it was on the plane back to Buenos Aires and what happened to me was this, I told two paralyzed girls, who did not know what to do with it, "he said.

"I went back to Buenos Aires and tried to continue going, all this I've said has now turned into a woman, I can see what happened to that girl I was, "he said.

Regarding the video broadcast at the conference on Tuesday, he acknowledged: "I was awful to tell me how much vexamen was on my body, with details so that the other feels interconnected, so that he empathy ".

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