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The Xiaomi Mi will have 9 "Moon Mode" for night photography fans


The Xiaomi Mi will have 9

The highest part of the mobile phone market was yesterday on Wednesday one of the first gala days, due to two major pressures in the industry their new exhibitions were introduced for 2019. One of them, the Xiaomi Mi 9, was the unambiguous star of a Spanish morning with her official launch in China.

And, in line with forecasts and previous analyzes, has received a great reception by the users, which has extinguished their first official pre-sale within hours of submission. And, of course, The Xiaomi proposal is more than interesting: A great combination of price and specifications that are worthy of top quality that will not be ruled out.

In the opposite, his photographic section – for example- He has received very good praise and, even, DxOMark has applied 109 global points to him, putting it over the iPhone Xs Max and the Samsung Galaxy Note9, among others. However, there are features within the photographic features that have been ignored by some: He has a "Moon Mode" that can create a natural satellite of the Earth in a clear and clear way, which is one of the first mobile phones to deliver.

The Xiaomi Mi 9 also takes pride in being able to take good photos of the Moon

That can not be argued Photography plays a leading role in the smart smart phones, to the point that the main market players give a lot of effort to improve their display cameras. And Xiaomi is not excluded from this reality: with My 9 you have selected a configuration of a triple back camera with combination of 48 + 12 + 16 megapixel.

The Xiaomi Mi will have 9

However, there is a feature – perhaps – it has not been thoroughly analyzed and that, over time, It can become one of the functions we expect most about in a smart phone high end: the "Moon mode", a function that allows the Xiaomi My 9 to get "decent" pictures of a natural satellite in very low light conditions.

In fact, the "Overnight scene road" (similar to Night Sight of Google Pixel 3 reviews) Reduce the brightness of the Moon and swell it into the satellite texture. This was illustrated by Lei Jun (executive director of the Chinese major) with satellite pictures showing this ability and, in addition, compared to those made by both direct competitors : the iPhone Xs and the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

Xiaomi My 9, colors

As you can see, the pictures taken by the Xiaomi Mi 9 on the Moon They are not bad, but they can not be considered well. And much less, professionals. But, a first asset to a function that – certainly – the Chinese company It will improve with future updates and, on our behalf, we will analyze it when we are our first contact with the terminal.

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