Monday , November 30 2020

The wife who killed her partner and covered a cement in a closet that was confronted by the Justice: "I dump a dumbbell and put it between 7 and 9 times a pen"

"My partner was lying on her stomach, it was horrible. I know to catch the weight and climb on top. I gave it between 7 and 9 times a penny and then I gave it with a cable"With these words, Gilda Acosta, the woman who last week's criminal offense began her story before the prosecutor's case and gave details of the murder that happened on Monday. Infobae agreed to details of the preliminary statement.

Acosta appeared on Wednesday in a ban from the Buenos Aires Police to admit his partner's crime, Richar Escobar, 27, who to say that he has hidden the body in a closet from a house and has to be covered with cement. When the soldiers went to the house, they discovered the scenario described by the woman. Immediately he stopped. He had also expressed that he killed when it was discovered that the man had claimed he had sexually abused his 13-year-old son.

The confession that did at the police station does not have a worth in justice. The statements that have legal authenticity are those done in the courts. It was expected that the woman, after meeting a lawyer, would restate her statements. Finally, that did. Acosta kept his words and again said she was she who had murdered her boyfriend.

"The level of particulars of the offense moment would allow her to think that she was really the case that killed him or she was at the place. It is related to facts that it could only be determined by someone who lived"said one of the researchers.

The woman started the investigation saying that the event took place on Monday about 23 hours. He said that Escobar lay on his bed, facing down and down He came to accuse him that his 13-year-old son had told her that he had raped him: "Then I began to argue, told me that I was old and fat, he had always told me these things, so I'll get a weight of 10 kilograms from the next room and climbing on top, hit him at the head or 9 times. Then I captured a white wire from a fan and hanged. I wanted to have abused my son 13 and also because I suffered violence. "

According to judicial sources, the violence referred to by the woman could not be accredited again. There are no complaints made to date, no neighbor or close to the couple said they had heard scams or had seen marks on the body of the person who had been detained. The same thing happens with the rape issue, there are no complaints. Although to confirm or disclose that fact, the minor will be declared in Siambr Gesell in the next few days.

The autopsy confirmed that Escobar had died without exception in a bow, had to abolish by five times a white wire from his throat that was still present. A forensic also observed 7 blasts to the head with a disk. Also, in the report It is noted that the hands attached to cloth and body have been completely covered by cement.

"Although the way he kills requires a lot of strength, Acosta is a person of a short but substantial size." Unlike the measures made, we believe that she was the murderer as she declared. At least, we see that it has the necessary strength to do so"they count Infobae of justice.

Only two details have both statements changed by Acosta. In the first he said that Escobar was sleeping at the time of the crime. However, in court he said he was really awake. This may be due to a recommendation from your solicitor at the meeting held before the inquest.

There is one aspect that attracts much attention to researchers. Having been in great detail how the murder was, the woman said that she does not remember what happened next. He does not remember what he did with the body, or how he was carrying it inside the closet or how it covered it with cement. "That's striking, it's a great deal of detail to get a gap when explaining the body hide and even more curious is that it reports in detail what the day after the crime, "said a judicial source with access to the file.

Different neighbors gave their evidence about the movements carried out in the house between Monday and Wednesday. Eduardo, who lives in the house that is just behind the one shared by Acosta and Escobar, said on the same Monday there was a high class car and two people in the door that came into the left. An unusual movement that attracted a lot of attention.

Next week will be essential for the investigation. Prosecutor Marcela Juan, who has been working intensely on Wednesday, continues to take evidence to people who are close to the victim and victim. Also, in the scene Different traces that were analyzed were collected in the laboratory and in the next few days the results will be known. All of these tests will be important to reveal great doubt that the investigation has: if the wife was acting alone or coincided with each other to achieve the crime and to hide the body.

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