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The WhatsApp audio or "Cavern" Godoy, head of Afon Bar – 11/26/2018


There was a voice in the superbochorno. And he was Hector Guillermo Godoy, alias Caverna. In the leading "4 day" program Luis Majul for A24, Aired sound was broadcast to the end of the Afon, which was blocked on Friday in the framework of the inquiry resale for the Libertadores Copa final.

"I want to say that, for the war on Friday, to take place in my home by order of Justice, through my lawyer, Diego Valente, where I will explain who is abducted and attacked. , in terms of the Saturday episode, I'm completely overseas for any participation that could be my opinion. I am sending this sound to explain my situation and reject genocinated clubs where someone is my personalization and many other people who have with me as the author of the unfortunate episode that happened before Afon-Boca, "he said.

The WhatsApp audio, for a minute and nine seconds, rejects the version that was distributed by the Security Ministry, which indicated the bar attack.

Caverna released the same day that the prosecutor Norberto Brotto ordered the Monumenta searchand 72 hours after the search he made in Caverna Godoy's house and José Bolsa de Papa Uequin, another member of Los Borrachos del Tablón. Then he took 7 million pesos and 300 tickets.

For the prosecutor, The search in Núñez was "very positive" and, as published in a press conference, revealed a parallel system of placement printing.

"I found what I was looking for. There are many documents to get in with what I have in the case. Someone syndicated as the head of the bar, right to receive and many original tickets. Obviously, I'm investigating resale. I will continue on, I have a lot to analyze and evidence of concrete, "said Brotto, a prosecutor. He added: "I have to collect all the information, analyze everything that has been hijacked and, based on that, see the last steps and define who I refer to the investigation."

In the next few hours, Brotto could quote Caverna. In the meantime, he will begin to review carefully the elements taken from the Núñez club offices: registering members and information about the ticket printing system. "The research that we have led us is assuming with great certainty that there is an impression of tickets that the cuts receive as valid, but they are outside the sales system of the club, "said Brotto. How is it possible? Is there a relationship between the bar and a millionaire leader? "I have no idea that gave them the tickets," said the president of the river Rodolfo D 'Onofrio. And in that sense, Brotto was prudent. "There's still a lot of research," said prosecutor.

The River, which was always close to cooperating with the Justice, had already started an internal investigation to determine the origins of the 300 popular Godoy hostages.

Meanwhile, chief prosecutor Luis Cevasco confirmed to Clarin that the Caverna home tickets were really real, we checked them with the system access to the stadium. protocol. They are nominal, that is, they have an identification. "

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