Wednesday , June 29 2022

The video of the son of Ricardo Fort drives with 15 years and without a belt


Felipe Fort is 15 years old and seems to have learned to drive. A video went viral where we proudly show what we know, but without a seat belt.

Martita and Felipe Fort, Ricardo Fort's children, spent a family weekend, after celebrating the young woman's 15th party a few days ago.

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Among the images that the brothers shared on Instagram, there were stories where his cousin was John Fort, leading them to drive a car, as it was announced RatingCero.

He called attention because the adult allowed Felipe, 15, sitting in the driver's seat and driving the vehicle. Not only that, but also the young person is not wearing a seatbelt.

Watch the video!

As expected, the video created a lot of impact on social networks and some called the action unwise.

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Despite this, no member of the family came to make statements about what happened.

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