Tuesday , August 16 2022

The thermal feeling was higher than 41 ° and a warning of "severe storms"


Another day of intense heat lasts here in Cordoba, where the thermal feeling was higher than 41 degrees in the afternoon.

In the meantime, I give the best of the meteorological warning for strong storms issued by the National Meteorological Service for the south of the province.


But short-term warning for severe storms applies to Calamuchita, Juarez Celman, Punilla, Rio Cuarto, Rio Segundo, Santa María a Tercero Abajo.


A maximum of 30 Saturdays are expected, on Sunday, 27; and on Monday, 24, the SMN noted.


Neighborhoods from different parts of Córdoba wished power campaigns this Friday.

Some of the problems were registered in the afternoons in the vicinity of Primero de Mayo, Villa Bustos, Dean Funes, Parth on the road to Villa Posse and the surrounding environment around Córdoba-Pilar, Los Plátanos neighborhood, Espora to Alto Commander Alberdi.

In that way, from Epec they said there was a fault in the line of high tension that Molinos-Garden affects the neighbors of the capital to the south. After supplying the line in another way, they work to find out the problem and to solve.

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