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The ten habit is damaging the brain


Tuesday 26, 2019 – 09:22
The World Health Organization listed severely affected actions.

The brain can perform different activities, however, habits that can damage it. The World Health Organization (WHO) listed some:

1) High consumption of sugars: by not having a healthy balanced diet, the brain is affected.

2) Not having breakfast: the first meal of the day provides the nutrients needed to get energy and start the active day. Eating the right foods will make the brain work. Otherwise, it will be responsible for sending emergency signals for "fuel".

3) Smoking reduces brain matter and oxygen supply to the brain. It was shown to promote the emergence of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's. In addition, the heterocyclic amines released during the combustion of the cigarette interfere with the correct duplication of the DNA. This causes mutations that lead to cancer cells.

4) Exposure to contaminated environments may interfere with gas exchange, transport and oxygen processing to cells, which reduces brain efficiency.

5) Do not sleep eight hours: depriving yourself of sleep accelerates brain cell death in the short term and will keep the person tired and in a bad mood during the day.

6) Eating unwanted foods causes a concentration of residual substances in the form of fat and calender and the brain arteries.

7) Drinking alcohol can ruin the organs, mainly the nervous system, the liver and the heart. What affects the chemical reactions that happen in the brain. Alcoholism also kills neurons and reduces the speed of nerve impulses. It was also shown that drinking alcohol sometimes produced "irreversible failures" in the nervous system in the brain of young people.

8) Stress and violence: the first causes several reactions to the nervous system, some of which reduce mental capacity and increase the risk of stroke and heart attack. In terms of violence, a study of the University of London found that the brain of abused children learned to protect themselves and become over-vigilant, remain alert, pregnant and active t , trying to find signs that are constantly dangerous or threatening. Brain stimulation is so large and persistent that it causes extensive emotional and cognitive wear, and produces very high levels of anxiety, so they will not be able to control anxiety in adulthood.

9) Do not do physical activity at least three days a week. If you do not do any physical activity, the brain is aging and there is a greater risk of suffering from brain disease.

10) Read a book or work through a word search to stimulate the brain increasing the ability to learn and remember.

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