Sunday , August 14 2022

The streets of Rage 4 show its first gameplay!


After failures and countless attempts, it seems that DotEmu will be able to bring the classic back.

The announcement just about Rage Streets 4 was a great joy to all fans of the Mega Drive classic classic. Your editor, DotEmutoday, he has released a new trailer where he focuses on metrics that can be played beating, showing some of the movements and the special collaborations that Axel and Blaze could achieve during their competition t special and violent.

Will they be the only main characters in the game? It doesn't seem, because at the end of the trailer we can see shadows of what looks like a beefy android and a woman. It is likely that his creators keep new news for future publications about Sega's license. It seems that the music, that is, a little distance from the standards set by Yuzo Koshiro in the nineties. Get involved in the new project?

DotEmu seems to focus on bringing classics back from the past. Realizing the sequence of the classic Windjammers, t Windjammers 2, it is also being developed by them. His first game showed a fortnight ago, keeping a lot of the keys that turned the game into a basic classic of the arcades.

Ms am: Rage Streets 4.

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