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The streak came to an end in Rosario: the Lion fell to the middle after six games


Chino Benítez lost a whole of 2 to 1 by the goals of Fernando Zampedri and Washington Camacho. Albertengo noted the fall. Estudiantes finished with one less because Iván Gómez was abolished

The end of the students ended in Rosario. The team of Chino Benitez, who won six unexpected matches, did not have a good game in Arroyito Gigante, who was beyond the reaction, and dropped 2 to 1 in the hands of the local team.

León showed a poor performance, found after Iván Gómez was canceled. The students could not overwhelm the wheel shortage, and the notice saw double the red when they were 40 minutes to the first half.

The goals of the game were worked by Fernando Zampedri 13 minutes to the first half and Washington Camacho at 35% of the supply. Lucas Albertengo scored the five minute discount from the end. And while the "Skinny" goal caused a team reaction, it was not enough to tie.

Pincha had some drivers in the first half, though they were not as clear. 4 minutes to the game, Facundo Sánchez, managed a dangerous cross right, but the keeper was very rescued. However, the goalkeeper invented it correctly when Albertengo came on.

Three minutes later, the same Albertengo received the cat and came into the area but he was touched by Parot behind and appeared to be an offense, but the Echavarría adjudicated him ignore

At 9, he arrived at the local center with the Camacho center that took Zampedri to cross the cross bothering Ruben's team member. Up to 13, Zampedri took advantage of the Bettini center, and beat Lucas Rodríguez on the right and helped to put the 1-0 into the heart of the area.

El Pincha, who was less than competing in the control of a ball, was able to respond in the 29 minutes with a free kick by Gata Fernández, who died in the hands of Ledesma goalkeeper.

In 37, El Canalla tested from a distance by Federico Carrizo, but the shot went down and was lost over the cross. Another bad news came to the Lion at 40, when Iván Gómez saw the second yellow and left the team with ten and five minutes after the end of the first law.

In one of the last half, the Lion gave the equity with a heading from Fabián Noguera who went over the barbar after a new cross by Facundo Sánchez. But he also had the second Central with the heading of Camacho, who went near the right post when Andújar had been hit after confrontation with Ruben.

After this occasion the locator had, the adjudicator fell at the end of an initially weak start. The Pincha had places to take advantage of it, but did not have a connection and a more intense middle game to move to be able to hurt the opponent.

In the supply, at 4, the place was close yet. Camacho missed the right of the right that was closed but Andújar could get the corner throwing the ball up. From that corner, Ruben almost gets it, which beat Sanchez high but he was knocking loud.

Chino Benitez decided to move the bench in the 11 minutes, giving Matías Pellegrini access (returning after a month of inactivity), to Gastón Fernández trying to get more peppers to attack.

But Rosario was the owner of the ball and noticed Gomez's absence pin in the middle circle. The team was struggling to recover and even more to create opportunities to dream of drawing. At 15 Camacho he tried a left foot of the outside of the area, but Andújar returned back on his steps and managed the shoot.

The albirrojo technician's second attempt was the entrance of Francisco Apaolaza by Nahuel Estévez. The Magdalena was standing next to Lucas Albertengo and the team went to have two defined points to go to look for equality.

A 31, the Lion was close with a good headline of Noguera, after a quiet ball, which was stuck to the left post of the goal defended by Ayala.

But in 34, the local was able to return so on. Camacho, who had been involved on several occasions, put his head behind the Parot center and put the 2 to 0 in the Giant.

The Lion did not lower his arms and went against Canalla's arch arch to look for the discount and find it. After a carom, who had a shot shot, Albertengo found it in the penalty spot and with popcorn, he gave the 1-2. However, this increase did not reach Estudiantes to be able to tie it and it broke six game games.


Central Rosario: Jeremiah Ledesma; Gonzalo Bettini, Marcelo Ortiz, Oscar Cabezas and Alfonso Parot; Washington Camacho, Pedro Ojeda, Leonardo Gil and Federico Carrizo; Fernando Zampedri to Marco Ruben. DT: Edgardo Bauza.

Students: Mariano Andújar; Facundo Sánchez, Jonatan Schunke, Fabián Noguera and Fernando Evangelista; Nahuel Estévez, Iván Gómez, Franco Sivetti a Lucas Rodríguez; Lucas Albertengo to Gastón Fernández. DT: Leandro Benítez.

Aims: PT 13 & Zampedri (RC); 35 & Camacho (RC); 41 & Albertengo (E)

Changes: ST, 11 & Pellegrini by G. Fernández (E); 20 & Apaolaza for Estévez (E); 33 & Lovera by Ruben (RC); 39 & Gómez gan Ojeda (RC); 41 & Luguercio gan Evangelista (E); 46 & Becker by Carrizo (RC)

Notified: I. Gómez, Schunke (E); Cabezas, Ortiz, Zampedri, Camacho (RC)

Events: PT 40 & Iván Gómez have been injured (E) for double transportation.

Referee: Pablo Echavarría.
Stadium: Giant of Arroyito.


Radio: Y Rownd (100.3)

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