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The story of the blind young man who became a video game star – 12/22/2018


During professionalism in video games, where more and more young people turn to the activity in search of dollars and fame, a Dutch player stands out above the rest. Sven van de Wege, 32, is one of the accompanists of the eSports (electronic sport) scene in Europe and its cause is staggering the world: He's blind since he's six.

In virtual games, he is called "The Blind Warrior Sven" (the Sven blind warrior, in English) andcombines a number of tournaments in Germany, France and Spain, who did it all star of video games among Street Fighter V professionals, the game of fighting 1 vs. 1 favored its clear sound effects.

In 1992, an eye tumor caused him to lose his vision at a young age. For months he felt alone, he counted, without friends, and spent a lot of days in hospital. "I'm to be completely healthy, go to school, get friends, do things I'd like to get blind, ill, I can not go to the class, my friends left, they did not want to play with me or they did not know how to deal with me, "he said.

Far from resigning himself, this disability was not stopped remember the sounds of video games, and thus win a win in official competitions.

"I went to visit a friend who received Street Fighter on his Nintendo and when he heard the sound effects of the game, I could hear almost everything that was on the screen, so I started putting it in the home. Buttons, but after a lot of exercise, I started playing well, "said the Dutchman.

A year after sight loss, a seven-year-old, he began to learn things again, like "walking down the street with a wing, reading in Braille, and even eating". Also to wear on your own and to return to control your favorite video game jewelery.

"Learning to play again was an important part of recovery and rehabilitation, it helped to focus on the things that I would like, rather than thinking about how I will survive, how will I go to & # 39 ; r school or how I will make friends. Every time I felt poor or sad, playing video games helped me", count.

First eHe started playing against the computer, although a friend aimed at challenging each other, but Sven "always won" because he was an expert and knew all the sounds that made every move of & # 39; the game.

The initial technique was to listen to what happened when the character was made – under the control of Sven – moving, assaulting, jumping or running and slower because "it always calculated what each sound meant" but now "everything is automatic" I do not have to translate the audio, but just respond to it.

But every time the game had some update, a new character or better version was only introduced, Sven had to start from the start and learn all the sound effects. For that reason he restricted himself to the popular title of fighting, who for a few years has been playing on the web against opponents who do not even know that their casual opponent is blind.

His first international competition was in April last year, at the Sonic Boom in Madrid.

"People saw that I was blind and they did not understand very well what I was going to do there. I tried to try them, many people wanted to try them and I'll beat them all. They were surprised, they thought it was amazing. People came to me to take pictures and talk to me, "he told the EFE news agency.

Such was the organizers' performance they allowed him to take part in the tournament and his opponent won, but "the most common thing at all is that he coincided with it as April 1, the Independents Day, and that people thought I was sorry and I was not; not blind, "he said.

Currently Sven van de Wege, who exchanges advice with other blind players and helps developers make it more accessible, do not hesitate to recommend "perseverance" For those who, like him, consider their blindness can stop them from fulfilling the dream of being a professional video video.

Source: EFE

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