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The SpaceX launch will carry the ash from 100 people to the space


He wanted the residues to be sent to the space.

The Eberling dream is now about to be realized, as it is expected that he and about 100 other cremated remains will be launched on Monday at a memorable satellite by the company Elysium Space.

San Francisco said that families pay around $ 2,500 for a sample of their loved ones' shrubs placed on the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket board.

The remains of military veterans and aerospace enthusiasm travel into space, alongside those whose families "look to celebrate one's love in the sky of starred sky," said Elysium Space in an email statement.

James ash and others have been included in a 4-inch square satellite of the cube name, Elysium Space Founder and CEO, Thomas Civeit explained to CNN. Families will be able to track the spacecraft in real time through an app as it overshadows the ground for about four years before it goes back to Earth, according to Civeit.

The launch is part of a "ride sharing mission" organized by Spaceflight. The company said that he had bought the rocket to provide for clients, ranging from schools to commercial businesses to entities and government and international organizations. Spaceflight says there will be sixty four satellites of 34 different organizations aboard.
Some of the capsules that contain the cremated remains that will be sent to space as part of Elysium Star 2.

& # 39; Are you now passing through Heaven & # 39;

Eberling was an enthusiastic phrase and crew of his whole life, his mother Beverly told CNN. He was also a rare photographer, and often went to Vandenberg Air Force Base in California to take photos of launches.

At the time of his death, only James's families were aware of trips that remained in space after being launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida, said Beverly at a telephone interview with CNN from Lompoc, California .

But about a month after James died, Elysium Space was discovered, and told the company that they would like James's ash to be launched from Vandenberg AFB. So, the family could be there.

James was given a sample in a small capsule having initially engraved, JME.

The Eberlings will send a message with him, who reads, "James, you were Eagle on Earth on earth – can you go now through Heaven."

Elysium Star 2 meets.

The two years since his son's death was "nerf-wracking" for Beverly. She had given some of her son's ash to the company, and at one time she was suspicious that the mission would go on.

But the Eberlings were a patient, and finally they received an email telling them that the launch date had been set for November 19, 2018, said Beverly, two years to the day that James died .

The launch has deferred, but Beverly does not think.

"We're pleased to be able to give him his last wish and it's a lot of time for my husband and myself that we can do it," said Beverly. "And I believe that James is very fine, I'm really pleased to finally see that this will happen in the end."

The first time someone's earthly remains will not be sent to be among the stars. In 1998, a small path of serpentist Eugene Shoemaker became the serpentist into the moon as part of the NASA Lunar Prospector mission and continues on the surface.
The actor ash "Star Trek", James Doohan, who played "Scotty" on the space, was released among 320 sets of ash on a mission similar to Elysium in 2012. Mercury 7 Gordon Jones's runner-up on that path too.
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