Tuesday , July 5 2022

The "small bomb" explodes: "I had sex with eight women in the same day"


It will not be much? The Bomba Tucumana son returned to the media field and made spicy statements about her sex life


Tyago griff was sent with all kinds of hot / web confession

Tyago Griffo can be considered a lucky man in love. She is in her record that he is associated with a number of women of the entertainment, some very beautiful, such as Rocio Robles and Bethlehem Pouchan. The last one she was associated with was Sol Pérez after the huge kiss that happened on the dance floor. However, the giant and the singer said they were friends.

Beyond that, what he guaranteed for "Bombito" is his dedication to sex, although he also says that he appreciates other things about women.

Whatever you want to say, the series of statements made in the last few hours will definitely increase profile and, surely, continue with their conquests.

Although he started by saying "I liked personality and character", Tyago was assumed with all kinds of hot confession. And he did not say in a church before a priest, but in an interview with "El Show del Espectáculo", and a radio program by Ulises Jaitt and Gastón Samá.

"Sometimes I like it hard and sometimes I like it slowly. I love to do it with the light and the 69 causes, There is a number of people who do not go. Sadomascoy is not suitable for me and I do not like violence. With a stable partner unable to participate in a swinger party and could be one to fuck "throw the son and "Pump" Tucumana.

Another of a taste in the bed that broadcast was: "I had some run, with the unusual couple. More than a boy was watching porn, now. I do not like sex tantric? No, I do not like I'll leave it to Milei. "

What made the biggest noise, without doubt, was his sexual record: "I had a whole day with a girl. I also made eight women in one day. Separate Throughout the day and night Also, the day is long and the profession helps ", admitted and concluded:" Sometimes I used ice cream in some ".

On the other hand, he talked about his participation in the "Dancing" with his mother: "Invitation to the Quartet gala was invited to replace Esmeralda Mitre and then offered to wait, but the truth is that I do not feel I'm joining my artistic career and more at the moment. Being in the competition requires a lot of time and takes time away from being with a band, "he said.

He added: "And on top of that, I'm not a dancer and I do not like to make a fool myself. I must be the only person in the world who said that" Dancing "should not"

Only two weeks ago, Sol Pérez and Tyago Griffo the pig finished, before the watch of the dancer's parents, who was in the studio, and surprising the rest. Was she one of the eight?

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