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The secret plot of Boca players who did not want to play against River in the Monumental: all the details of who they were and why

It was a stunning day, unfortunately curious.

And to everyone; for the direct actors and for the 60,000 viewers who returned badly to homes with the frustration that left nothing.

It was for the "Gringo" Darío Eberts, driver of the Mercedes Benz 0-500 bus, Metalsur body Bws Arrow who took the Mouth delegation and received a folk from the tithes thrown from the street to disappear. He was for the leader Horacio Paolini Vice President, who in despair should have taken the huge vehicle wheel without control and send it for a few seconds; and also for the players who threw themselves down the micro to avoid the "rainy" explosions at the height of Lidoro Quinteros and Monroe and the smashing of windows.

That one Saturday, November 24 soccer offender association organization. And the results were shameful because an event that was incorporated into the national culture as it was in Afon-Boca was fascinating and interested transferred to Madrid through the unilateral decision of the Conmebol.

The result of the street assault is left Boca players injured, has been injured and injured, according to the specific part that is known at the time:

– Pablo Perez he stated "inflammation of the mucous by inflammation of inflammatory gas and wounding on the right arm".
– Cristian Pavón, Gino Peruzzi, Carlos Tevez, Lisandro Magallán, Esteban Andrada, Lucas Olaza to Sebastian Villa they suffer "mucosal inflammation, headache and dyspnea".
– Fernando Gago, gas breathe has caused "allergic reaction",
– The Javier shooter Bustillo introduced "correct knee breeding wound", tra Leonardo Year He suffered "a sudden wound in the heel by glass".
– The party noted that the young Gonzalo Lamardowho with Pablo Perez In Otamendi's sanatorium, he received a "glass wound in his right eye". The doctor says he was in the eye found a "foreign body".

In this situation the Boca players led by Carlos Tevez, Pablo Pérez, Fernando Gago and Darío Benedetto have initially supported the first and unconscious by Guillermo a Gustavo Schelotto Mud, do not play the game in any circumstances.

Meanwhile in the Official Box, Gianni Infantino, the president of FIFA, was enacted by transferring to Alejandro Domínguez, head of Conmebol "you must play the game …". And he notified him with the same emphasis as the presidents of the Afon and Boca. Obviously Rodolfo D 'Onofrio He became a member of this situation while Daniel Angelici We will begin to face his first dilemma: acceptance – in the end – would be postponed, but I already knew that his players would not accept it in any way.

Once the publisher published Santiago García through La Voz del Estadio and the game would be postponed one hour and instead of starting 17, it would start at 6:00 p.m. more dynamic would have been in terms of human movement in the stadium circle at the stalls itself. From the Honor Box to the elevator or stairs and from back and forth again and again leaders, The Conmebolic officers, The members of the press, The Agents responsible for security internally and even "curious" with privileged carpets constantly being protected towards the changing rooms, especially Boca.

The doctor's head was the Medical Commission designated by the Conmebol for the event Osvaldo Pangrazio along with doctors Francisco Mateu, Jorge Pagura and José Veloso. Dr Pangrazio himself was trying to check the injured eye of Pablo Pérez and convince Boca's doctor, Pablo Ortega Gallo, "that you could play, there were no obstacles". But the adverse and so very seriously was his official offer to Boca's doctor:

– Doctor (said Pangrazio to Ortega Gallo), applying cortisone injection to reduce inflammation that I do not make anti-fast control, which I guarantee.

The weather in that The dress was already chaotic and with a very powerful assumption before they expelled Pangrazio before offering such an inventive. An ambulance was about to get to take Pablo Pérez to Sanatorium Otamendi, where the doctor Alejandro Weremzuk would look at what was organized by the head teacher of Ophthalmology, Heriberto Marotta's great doctor. At the same time, a dozen Boca leaders were trying to communicate over the phone with different communicators when looking for different opinions. Everything had come insulting, The destinations e intolerance At the moment every member of Conmebol appeared at the door of that wardrobe.

Meanwhile, in the Palco de Honor, other shapes lived.

The Conmebol through Fabiana Casadio, secretary of Alejandro Domínguez since he was president, was ordered on behalf of the organization no civil servant or River Plate worker I can enter the Honor Box; nor leave wallets or other work equipment. Also the Conmebol ordered them to wear clothes for women they would have to work in the places near that box that they should "Dress in decent clothing"(sic) in relation to having the shoulders in question, Do not wear miniskirts than the obvious necklines. These instructions were officially issued on Thursday, November 22 in the Auditorium where the second preparatory meeting with UTEDYC (door managers and inspectors), internal security personnel and club workers was held. For its part of the Plate River before introducing the affected personnel For a direction that is so macho and differential, The has rejected such a great order and told his employees wear as they prefer.

Will the FIFA President know, an entity that seriously penalizes the discrimination and xenophobia expressed by any of the actors in the Conmebol that prevent women from workers, officers or helpers to fulfill their role in an Honor Box within a football game framework? And another question: does this journalistic report, for which the author is responsible, make it worthwhile for any of the women's rights institutions to make a presentation to AFA, Conmebol and FIFA at the same time?

These directions may be typical of commonality explaining two other issues:

1) Security failures and protocols when the highest world football authorities arrived at the Monumental -Infantino, Dominguez and Tapia were abusive abusive rejects under a protocol scheme agreed by Conmebol in her circle only.

2) This degree of discrimination – now understandable – is in line with the xenophobic phrase designated at the first meeting of the AFA Regulatory Commission in July 2016. The Paraguayan solicitor today said – Deputy Secretary General of the Conmebol- Monserrat Jimenez said: "We're going to clean up the Argentine football mafia." This is the official one that could not explain all the 2019 Libertadores inconsistencies and is repeatedly rigidly with what is happening with Lists of Good faith from the current version, real scandal.

Meanwhile in the Box of Honor, Alejandro Domínguez continued to make strong pressure for leaders, officers, doctors and referees so that the meeting could be played as it should.

Once it was officially published to 17:53 the second postponed -the one who met the meeting at 19.15-, Co-ordinator of the meeting, Mario Campos, was told to go to the dressing room and Uruguay referee. Andres Cunha to go out on the field to warm up with the assistants of Nicolás Tarán to Mauricio Espinosa. The adjudicator gave objections in the circumstances, but Campos became more serious and heart: "If I tell him to go out and move to the public, you will go out. fall and you will no longer argue. " Since he was an official authority order, the excellent referee went out with assistants to do all the "staging".

At the same time Campos asks the fourth referee Victor Carrillo (Peru) to accompany him to the Boca dressing room ask the players to sign the official form so that Carrillo can check the legal documentation of each actor.

Boca players He again reacted to see Mael's head of sexagenarian's exciting, representative of the Conmebol. He was insult him and the organization he has to employ from. From a circular and deep fruit bowl, they started throwing some apples, maybe a banana. The walnuts and raffins that were in other sources located side by side in the same room, as before a pre-room to the dressing room, were still serious witnesses of & Nerve, but not the jars with mineral water and orange juice. Everything the Conmebol officer did and asked "if my job was playing …" was that Professor Javier Valdecantos gave a playground conity. Movement.

In light of these circumstances, the referee Carrillo Watching scary and fear as Campos reintroduced his stainless and wet blazer, he warned occasionally only:

– Then, if you do not sign the form, I'll leave, men, "he said, surprised as he went through the door of the apocalyptic wearing room where everything was screaming, nervous and confusing.

Pablo Pérez, Carlos Tevez to Ramón Ábila He has been reported by Campos to the Conmebol Disciplinary Unit "as those who carry out the assault" without having to punish them for the game that ended in Madrid on December 9 last.

Infantino asked Dominguez that the game was played. Dominguez in turn related to Onofrio to convince Angelicus to go to the dressing room to persuade his players to disclose the decision "in such a serious situation and the consequences of charging …" they repeat. Angelici was between two fires: institutional (Boca Benefits) and what human (the uninhabitable situation of incredible players and coaching staff) who they would not go out to the field in any way.

In such circumstances the president of Boca was pressed by himself and strangers, agreed to sign a "men" agreement before Dominguez and a Girlfriend so that the game was played the next day, Sunday, November 25, 2018 at the same time (17) and in the same scenario (Monumental) to spell surgery that would no longer be responsible for; City Security Minister, Martin Ocampo, because the area was released where Boca bus was attacked: he resigned (or asked for his resignation) on the same afternoon.

They all found it curious and striking The AFA President will not think or take part in such a situation. Because of this, it may not have been considered to me private meetings between the parties to look for an agreement between Boca, Afon – its two main clubs – and Conmebol, an organization that is a rent member and costs $ 40,000 a month as well as every day during the period when it is outside your country

Before leaving the River Stadium towards focusing at the Madero Hotel, the costume was still boiling. Angelici on his face was a symbol of disappointment, disappointment and incapacity.

At the same time and in the midst of the disorder, Cristian Gribaudo, club secretary, showed his solicitor telephony device Javier Medin, (very close to President Macri), instructions for WhatsApp from "Marquitos al Tano" and this one in response showed him the "One" orders that asked for everything that was done: "Medical review with certificates and a physical compensation record".

November 24 evening at the Madero hotel, the a painful weather live in the Monumental table. In the Carlos Tevez's playroom was held convened by his representative, Adrián Ruocco, who co-ordinated him Fernando Gago. Another group of players were collected in Darío's room Benedetto, one of the most famous, by his representative Christian Bragarnik, a business of strong fame in Boca and current business support Defense and Justice. All the players felt that the twins of Barros Schelotto and part of the opposition leadership.

The final hope left for Daniel Angelici was that these friends with strong interests in Boca, help him to reverse the players' decision. The president was committed himself and wanted to play the game against the situation that can not be negotiated by Guillermo Barros Schelotto who I prefer to go to the "desk" of the Conmebol before putting your team on court. Everything was fierce.

Carlos Tevez, who left China had left the leadership of the wardrobe for Fernando Gago it seemed closer than ever to this one. Perhaps as if this case had acted as a bond of affective union.

At 8 am on Sunday morning, November 25, 2018, as they started fencing in the vicinity of the Monumental stadium to order the crowd crowded, two Boca leaders appeared at the Alvear Hotel Icon in Puerto Madero. the intention of presents an official gift from the club to Alejandro Domínguez, president of the Conmebol. In the same mouth based on the refusal to play and the reasons for immediate legal representation; is what is now in the TAS. Dominguez, anxious, did not only accept them, but even worse, he asked them to leave the letter in the Concierge and immediately leave the place.

Juan Carlos Crespi then with Christian Gribaudo He went down to a lobbying meeting room that was used as the Conmebol office, kicked the door, cursed loud and left the letter through Boca He explained why he would not play the game on Sunday despite the agreement.

In a case, Boca player of world fortune and fortune has warned a lot members of "La 12" so that these and other bars of friendly clubs, are a bet to leave the Madero hotel to stop the bus with the Mouth delegation to leave.

The later version was the Conmebol translation. Let's see some aspects:

1- He collected the Disciplinary Unit (rent) to publish. Of the five members, he excluded two: Dr. Diego Pirotta wants to be Argentina and represents Boca and Antonio Carlos Meccia Brazil, since there is an interest from the Brazilian teams in the case of a sanction to the River or Boca and allow that place to be occupied by a Guild or Palmeiras, other Cup semifinalists.

2- The same criterion was not used at the time that he requested that the Executive be published regarding the dispute location, as everyone was voting, including the president of the AFA who, unusually, approved that his classic Afon-Boca (Ariannin pur) Fe / i was transferred to Madrid.

3- Before the award ends without knowing the "referee's report" or "viewer" ("Any failure should be based on the referee's report or failing the piece of the" basic piece of sports justice), Dominguez himself He anticipated at a press conference that the party would go to Madrid producing an inactive powerless equation: the president does not issue a Court judgment, but the Court expires in a decision already announced by the president, who is also an employer.

4- The unilateral election of the Bernabeu stadium was already agreed by Dominguez and Florentino Perez, President Real Madrid, with the consent of Mauricio Macri. Remember that these three powerful men are united or are merged by businesses that are related to their companies or former companies.

5- There was no reason for the game that should not be played in Argentina. It could have been an Afon "behind closed doors" about the imposed sanction or Cordoba, Mendoza, Mar del Plata. Ultimately take her to Montevideo, Santiago or Lima. But his move to Europe was noisy since he prioritized Conmebol's business on a sports competition. At the same time, this aspect may not have to be regulated. Let us interpret what the Libertadores Copa Regulations say:

Art 35: In the case of any difficulty or inability to disagree with a game in the setting, dates and times specified, it will remain at CONMEBOL's discretion to adopt the adjustments that appear relevant (no changes will be accepted by agreement of the parties). CONMEBOL, at its discretion, can revise dates and times, when it considers it prudent or prudent. Also, you can change the location of the meeting as an alternative.

6- What was the difficulty or impracticability that could have been played in a stadium in Argentina? The spirit of Article 35 clearly refers to cases such as "natural phenomena: earthquakes, floods, volcanic explosions near stage area or state internal intervention (Venezuela today)", but it was not difficult or & # 39; you could not have placed the country or stadium of the country to this meeting. Such alternatives had not been raised or protected by the solicitors of both clubs or by the president of the AFA; Instead, they allow Conmebol to "draw" the most interesting glasses of Argentine football.

Some of them Boquenses leaders who did not want to play either on Saturdays or Sundays are no longer in Boca. The twins Guillermo to Gustavo Barros Schelotto directly "Los Angeles Galaxy" the Big US Football League; Pablo Pérez, an aggressive victim and an unexpected fan for not playing in Independiente and Fernando Gago Unfortunately, he had to leave football due to injury.

On the other hand, Darío Benedetto, Carlos Tevez, who has an Angelici as much as "Wanchope" Ramon Ábila (who came to Boca from the hand of Carlitos) not completely.

Reject Boca players obstructing agreement, went away his president's authority, produced unpredictable political consequences and prevented them, above all, of alternative sports management that in every case improved the same they are doing today.

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