Sunday , June 26 2022

The school conflicts with women designated and resolved Eliana Guercio


Eliana Guercio He told the details of the conflicts he had with the school and his daughters went to her Chloe a Yasmin. A few days ago, the vedette on Twitter said the conflict that was released by the role of the Virgin Mary in her daughter's schoolwork.
"I can not explain this to anyone before traveling to Argentina, Chloe receives two lines to play Maria in the school's action, we return and she had no longer been characterized to lose two and a half weeks of the law Can you make a child cry like this? "said the depressed blonde.

Eliana Guercio emigrated into the networks and went out to protect her husband from criticism

There were many people who felt sorry about their situation and there was no lack of who proposed that the function of the Virgin was removed from the girl who replaced her daughter: "That does not answer either, we could not do that to another girl as they do for me, at this point I do not know how much the other girl exercises.The wife replied Sergio "Little boy, Romero.

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"From now on, I will announce the reasons why my girls are crying out of school, which are very common, unfortunately, we have made a serious mistake as we change schools ", he added.

But after the bad time, finally, the problem had to answer a Eliana His daughter's photos rose proudly as a mother of Jesus.

"Hello everyone, I was very busy, that's why I'm gone, I made my little girls' clothes for school events, I wanted to be fair and telling them that the school was solving the problem I had had; to tell them. " There were two deeds, two Mary, All happy and happy, Angel Gabriel also played ", he explained.

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