Sunday , January 17 2021

"The same comment for foreigners" | In dialogue …

"It's upset that, just as Bolivia moves towards university and responsibility in all its public system, it is intended to make a criticism as the one we've heard in relation to & # 39 ; n health system, "said Health Minister Chile to page 12 of that country, Gabriela Montaño, following a second letter from governor Jujuy, Gerardo Morales, who had a blast of" treatment "lack of treatment Manuel Vilca, a musician injured on December 8 in Bolivia and treated at Oruro General Hospital.

The provincial leader insists on his fight against the Bolivian government. In the second letter that is known about the case, this time referred directly to Montaño (referred to the first to President Evo Morales), once again he indicated the alleged "extension" that Vilca suffered and asked authorities & The neighboring country "All expenses paid to him for health services in his country were repaid." "There are many Bolivian citizens who are constantly emigrated to mines, and especially in my state, to ask for healthily apparent solutions that they do not find, either because of lack of accessibility to the service, a technology or human resource difference, "he said. Morals, suggesting the xenophobic prejudice that follows the results of the Jaime Durán Barba hand results, tend to have good results in the electoral years. In addition, he took the opportunity to spread tickets with details of hospital costs, in some media, but without clarifying that he was, to a large extent, the services provided in the private clinic of Cochabamba that Vilca was transferred by his own decision

Bolivia's Health Minister, having explained that he will not try to "go to the logic offered by the Governor of Morales," he said to this newspaper that the "equality" that Jujuy's president demands already exists . "It has always been like this, and it will continue to be this way: all public health coverage that was Bolivian or Bolivian was also given to foreigners living in our territory, and all benefits that will be achieved now, it will also be given to foreigners and, fortiori, to Latin American brothers and neighboring countries, "explained Montaño, referring to the creation of the Unified Health System through a rule which was discussed at the Plurinational Legislative Assembly which will come into force on March 1. "This law will ensure that the whole population has access to a series of benefits and products that had no access to date. We are mainly talking about the population that did not cover: informal workers, traders, workers self-employed, peasants, "said the officer.

Montaño confirmed what he had already explained: after his accident, Vilca spent five days at Oruro General Hospital – a public organization, where he had an operation on his right foot and, according to his decision Himself, his recovery continued in a private clinic in Cochabamba. "We are respecting their decision, but as any private clinic anywhere in the world, they are the services that are responsible for much higher costs than those that may occur in public system, "said minister. He also explained that the injured musician did not have to pay for the medical care he received at the hospital in Oruro, as he was traveling on public transport covered by insurance.

"We are the country that grows most in the region and we are very proud of what we have developed, so it seems to me that it is only today that Bolivia is moving forward, we want to criticize as we have heard in relation to, "said Montaño, who came to the conclusion:" What's Bolivian or Bolivian is also accepted by the Argentine brother who is in Bolivia, and is treated in the same way. That is why there is no real basis for what is being said . "

Report: Sibila Gálvez Sánchez.

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