Thursday , August 18 2022

The risk of pedophilia on YouTube | Warn about …


YouTube, one of the most popular internet sites in the world, faces a scandal because it is a platform for pedophilia networks. The complaint was made by the user of the video site. Matt Watson was uploaded a 20-minute video on February 17 which has already exceeded two million views and can cause huge economic losses, as top-tier companies have chosen to remove ads from the Google property site .

Watson's video shows how the recommended column of videos allows you to get a few clicks in videos with pedophile comments. Watson created a count and began to look. In his case, he gave "bikini sun" to see videos of people trying to swim supplies. YouTube started recommending videos of minors. With just a few clicks you will find video with minors and comments raised in the field. This traveler defined as a "central pedophile cycle" that was not avoided by YouTube. In addition, he accused the company of pushing consumers into a "moth hole". In addition, Watson said he had found advertisements on videos of boys with unsuitable comments and could also access links with children's pornography in the comments.

The virus viralization, the open web-based web browser failures (created in February 2005 acquired by the end of 2006 in more than 1600 million dollars in the end of 2006), showed that many companies slam. Disney, Nestle and Epic Games (developer Fortnite) announced that they will no longer advertise on site. From the protected company saying "when we find content that breaks our policies, we are moving the ads immediately or eliminating the video."

This is not the first time for YouTube to face this situation. In November 2017, advertisers who blocked advertising after the BBC investigation that received obscene comments on children's videos. In those days, YouTube received criticism due to the low quality content for children accessing the site as viewers. The company responded to changes to avoid these situations, such as disabling comments. In fact, videos are marked by the mood of the comments, but they still appear as suggestions.

YouTube said that "we continue to invest heavy in technology, equipment and partnerships with charities to tackle this problem" and that "we have strict policies Managing the place where we allow ads to appear and be active, "and" when we find content breaking our policies, we immediately give & The best to publish advertisements or completely delete it ". However, he admitted that they reviewed their policies after the release of Watson's video and that there were 10,000 people who checked the selected videos that were reviewed. YouTube is estimated to generate a new 400 hours of video on the web every minute.

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