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The reasons why Marcone arrived in Boca


As soon as Boca started the discussions to hire Iván Marocne, the police pulled out that the player himself for the operation made everyone's attention. And the fact is that the midfielder has a great level at Cruz Azul and seems to have no reason to choose to leave.

However, there were details that were not known and the Mexican club released them today through a statement posted on their Twitter account. As explained by La Maquina Celeste, uncertainty was one of the reasons why Marcone decided to emigrate to Xeneize.

"The player's performance was positive, although his stay in Mexico City was not really desirable, because the player had suffered an assault, a product of the uncertainty of the capital." With this, we do not say that that was the main reason to consider leaving, but it was a bigger argument, "said the text in paragraphs.

In addition, Cruz Azul, who is currently in the 14th MX League position, explained how Anti- Lanús will come to the team led by Gustavo Alfaro: "As soon as Clausura 2019 began , in Year 1, and when he played against Puebla, his promoter at the table said: "There is an interest from the Juniors Boca Club to Ivan." Instantly, our board, led by Ricardo Peláez, was trying to convince & # 39 , the player to stay in. But in vain, Ivan had decided to leave from the start of the tournament, taking all celestial fans as a surprise. "

The full statement:


Marcone's decision to leave Cruz Azul was clearer when Boca appeared along the way.

When Ricardo Peláez became Sports Director in June 2018, he was clear about the task and responsibility of strengthening the court half, with players eager to transfer and that their ownership was not open to discussion.

Here's how the name of Iván Marcone appears among the candidates. A 28 year old man, originally from Argentina and who was part of the Lanús team.

Your journey through the Machine

The player's performance was positive, although his stay in the Mexico City was not entirely desirable. As the player has suffered assault, the product of the capital uncertainty. With this, we do not say that that is the main reason for considering leaving, but there was one other argument.

As soon as Clausura 2019 began, in Year 1, and where he played against Puebla, his promoter told the board: "There is an interest in the Juniors Boca Club for Iván". Instead, our directive, led by Ricardo Peláez, tried to convince the player to stay. But not to take advantage of it, Ivan had decided to leave before starting the tournament, with a sudden surprise to all the heavenly followers.

It should be noted that our sports director has mentioned in an interview with TDN, the way in which the Argentine team worked:

We will not talk about the Boca Juniors organization, we talk about people who work and do dirty work, players fall in love.

Given this situation and respecting the player's decision, Cruz Azul club agreed to sell the player to Boca Juniors.

Our sports director said:

People who are committed to the group are better. If someone does not want to be, it's very good to say and better pull it back.

That's how the story of Ivan Marcone came to an end, a player with a lot of projection to be an unusual myth, but that time he played his best card.

This information, as a copy, for our supporters who did not count at the time, with the official version of the club.

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