Saturday , February 27 2021

The quality of life of cancer patients is strengthened with the support of the couple

Doctor in Psychology with Orientation in Quality of Life and Health, Felipe de Jesús Díaz, doctor and academic of University of Guadalajara, explains that the effect negative who is diagnosed with cancer gets worse if in addition the couple are an informed person, who helps explain doubts and myths, such as the likelihood of survival.

In the case of breast cancer, for example, "people who have received the diagnosis they're sorryWhen the expectation is widespread, there is a good opportunity to live, "he said.

That added in the patient's social support network, the couple and the family they occupy a priority placeHowever, this network could include friends, pets, a support group with patients and survivors, or a religious group.

Case Sebastián a Julia

Am Sebastian, work, take care of your four daughters and give all kinds of support for your family a priority to achieve Julia, his wife, continues in his fight against breast cancer who was diagnosed four years ago. Having a partner that, like Sebastian, supports the cancer patient with the diagnosis "changes the level of perception in which he / she lives and attends medical treatment positively", for the experts.

For Julia, her husband and girls are those who tell, encourage and encourage her, as she does not have other relatives such as her parents or siblings, "no more, those of this fan in the house, "he said. Despite the muscle pains in his arm and back, the result of the operation in her, Julia found a job that does not demand too much physical effort and, along with his family, is trying to lead a full life, "can," he said.

At present, Sebastián works in the field, having changed jobs constantly until he finds one that allows him to be absent when he fits with her, every 22 days, his wife to medical appointments where he or she does not just leave her. "You have to be there continuously, sometimes something more needs, not just financial, but moral and emotional support," he said.

The support given by Sebastian to his family strengthens Julia, his four daughters and even himself, he does, as he understands the importance of his efforts, despite & In spite of the difficulties, about the fight he fits with his wife. "If he or he were not my daughters, then God will know, I think she was no longer here. What must happen, which will happen, but never give it up, because my engine is here, "says Julia, smiling and smiling.

Dr. drew Felipe de Jesús Díaz commented on the importance of oncology patients and their social support network, adopting a healthy lifestyle in their thinking habits, for example, being more selective with the use of information. Estimate that Up to 100% of people's emotions and fun It is related to the perception of the environment, and vice versa, so that good "cultural nutrition" will favor the perception of openness, well-being and hope, which is. ; have a positive effect on treatment.

He says what families like Julia and Sebastián achieve, Díaz, are "contributing to them evidence To show that there is hope and yes, you can surpass this diagnosis, which is tragically taken and determined at the outset. "

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