Sunday , August 7 2022

The prosecutor Stornelli asked for the evil of his call for de-registration today


Prosecutor Carlos Stornelli he asked on Monday that his call for questioning was unlimited within the framework of the case investigated by judge Dolores Alejo Ramos Padilla and he was arrested by the false lawyer Marcelo Dalessio and two police officers Buenos Aires. Roberto Ribas's complaint, the Stornelli attorney, comes just as the judge was waiting for him at noon in Dolores to take him to the investigation. On Friday, before an application for adjournment, the judge He had already warned that he was going to declare him in absentia if he lost one other time.

In this scenario, uncertainty overwhelms whether Stornelli will eventually appear giving an investigative statement, although Comodoro Courts believe that again he will miss the appointment.

"Your honor is committed, informal and null, when calling to give an investigation statement. Stornelli, "said the lawyer.

At the solicitor's discretion, the money prosecutor Juan Curi insisted that the case should be processed in Comodoro Py. "Despite the judge, avoiding the Office of the Public Prosecutor's powers, he re-interpreted his preference for the judgment, attributing the character of the instruction requirement to a piece that was not created or submitted as such. , despite the clarity of its terms. is to move forward clearly and inappropriately from one State Power over the other, it is an unacceptable issue in institutional terms and that suggests that the constitutional provisions are clearly subjected to, "Ribas assured. t

The Stornelli defense insisted that "the decrees were unsuccessful and I was invited to issue an investigation statement, including the last one which set an audience for next 26 March". He said, "these procedural actions carry a fiercely cut the defense in courtan appropriate process and, above all, interference in what refers to the powers equivalent to another power (Article 120 CN) promptly to the Public Administration.

"VS intends, no more and contrary to the constitutional guarantees that protect me to this part, be the same case, accuser and judge." On the other hand, and to a greater extent, the last call to question debt does not address the proposals made by this party and that the judge, insist on strong not going t to grasp it, raise these are not irrelevant since they put a crisis on the state of a natural judge in the process and the validity of the thing that I believe was implemented"Ribas lawyer said.

The defense recalled that "incompetence and revocation showed impressive delays in resolving" while the second statement still found that there was no confirmation. "Despite that, Rivas said, t "The judge insists on unofficial prosecution of the criminal act against my support, pretending to appear as evidence."

"All these unresolved issues give V.S in crisis as a natural judge of the process, which, if no answer is received and continues to operate in the way that we do, t I can only delete all the procedural guarantees that help this part ". the warned.

Ribas confirmed that the prosecution was in an informal way by VS, not counting on the excitement of the criminal act in legal form, obviously unfair to the right not only of the summons but also everything that could have been act to say facts. All these events affect, at the same time, the guarantee of the appropriate processby contradicting the procedural principle of consistency, which also leads to a clear and effective effect of the defense in court ".

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