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The prepaid medicine company suggested going to hospital for Maradona


Diego Maradona by Diego Maradona Official

Diego Maradona on discharge from the clinic. – Photo: courtesy

The prepaid medicine company hired by Diego Armando Maradona had considered that while the former footballer may be released from the Olivos Clinic after neurosurgery, He had not received medical relief and suggested continuing treatment at a rehabilitation center.

According to the release certificate entitled “DM Therapeutic Continuation after discharge from Olivos Clinic”, signed on November 11 last and incorporated into the judicial file investigating the circumstances of Diego’s death, the proposal made by the prepaid medicine company. Swiss Medical was not accepted by Maradona’s relatives, therefore, the decision was made to go into hospital at home.

“Given that DM has had a favorable postoperative evolution and is in external conditions, the continuation of treatment needs to be established, because although it may be external, it is not discharged”, says the letter signed by Gianinna and Jana Maradona, two “10” women, physician Leopoldo Luque and Olivos Clinic medical director Pablo Dimitroff.

In another of the paragraphs of the letter, to which Télam had access, the prepaid suggests “continuing clinical psychiatric, rehabilitation and toxicological treatment under the hospital’s moderation at a rehabilitation center, with a support psychiatric team.”

In that sense, Swiss Medical “manage the rehabilitation organization and professionals with the aim of agreeing the best therapeutic strategy.”

However, according to the letter, the family, along with Luque and psychiatrist Agustina Cosachov, offered Maradona home health care.

“Mr DM’s medical team prescribed treatment, and the family accepted, follow-up medical and home care of the patient and require Swiss Medical accompaniment with home care that includes daily nursing assistance and a therapeutic companion ”, says the discharge certificate.

The letter states that “for home care, family support must be provided at the time of providing services” and that “medical follow-up is the responsibility of the treating medical team and the professionals chosen by the patient and their family, ajenos and Swiss Medical ».

Source: Télam

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