Monday , November 23 2020

The Paris map would have a Overwatch secret room

Yesterday, according to what we believe was released, the first Teaser of the 30th hero Overwatch, one or more Jean-Baptiste Agustín, one of the things that the Choque de Cuerva team document told us is that this man is a highly skilled fighting doctor, capable of adapting to everything that comes with, releasing this pub into a community Overwatch It has started theory, not only how it will or how its skills will work, but where it will come from where it would be.

Usually when the team is OverwatcWhen launching these Teasers, the first one attempts to mislead, however, so this includes, it seems very directly who the next hero would be. Now, as we believe innocently, there has been a second significant amount, at least not as obvious as the first, the following post on Twitter that made the account of Overwatch, was to give us a little guide of everything we need to see in the new Paris map, nothing strange yet, however, the last paragraph of this guidance is rather strange.

The last paragraph of this text, which is the news blog on an official website Overwatch He says the following:

Paris is a city that is full of hidden games, so do not forget to look for indoor bars and hidden places as you travel the city. Perhaps by saying the very word you could end somewhere you do not even know.

This has attracted the attention of the English speaking community, many have tried to address some of the doors that are closed on the Paris map, and have tried to use & # 39 ; the voice lines of "Hello" or "Thanks" to all the heroes, and it has also been proven with some voice lines, with little success, but recently and thanks to a way from Glitching the map In a personal game, an extra room was found, which is different from the other structures, It is not possible to pass, so far as Glitch of Textures.

As we can see, in the personal game, they try glitching the Doomfist in the end to pass between textures and maps, as surely as we saw in the video that they can go under Several buildings other than one, which seems to be protected by something invisible that does not allow it to pass, and we can also see some floor texture of this space, so it appears if there is something behind that place.

The location is close to the regeneration of the attackers, where there are some graffiti and allusive things to the Omnicos in Paris, people are trying to disclose this, but it is also the possibility that it is "SkyCode "Another as it was in the ARG Shadow, we hope to be wrong and that someone in the next hours will solve the imagination that Paris saves, as we have to find" The right word "in order to be able to go to this place.

Overwatch couple's secret map room adequate oral hero 30

Overwatch available in Playstation 4, Xbox One to PC.

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