Wednesday , June 29 2022

The oral story of the ophthalmologist's son has condemned abuse: "They keep it out to me and my brothers"


Fernando José Bustince, the ophthalmologist who was convicted of the abuse of her children when they were underage, was arrested for breaking the victim's limit. Truly, They lived in the same country. The police were collected on Friday night, after Santiago, together with a mother and his brothers, made their public claim. In dialogue with TN, the young man gave his feelings of the fact: "Finally, justice was made"

The arrest was held in the private neighborhood of Fincas de Iraola, in Berazategui, the same place where a group of neighbors complained about the abolition of an ophthalmologist. "I had mixed feelings, on the one hand I have a huge oak with justice for having to reach this point so that they finally stop it and do their job, and on the other hand, It's an opportunity for me, my mother and my brothers are behind bars"

The young man was very critical of justice, which he considered "protect victims and harass victims".

Orthodox Bustince, convicted of sexual abuse.
Orthodox Bustince, convicted of sexual abuse.

The case came to an end in the framework # MiráCómoNosPonemos, when Santiago Bustince, who is older, said on Twitter the abuse of the victims and the fact that his father was still free, despite being loose had sentenced to five and a half years in prison in 2014 no Abuse has aggravated by the link.

"He lived in the same country as a fake, who was constantly seeing. I can not believe that I have to reach all this. No-one is listening to us, "said the young man in this regard.

And when asked if the ophthalmologist was trying to contact them, Santiago said: "He was always trying to see us, we crossed it easily once a week. He faced me, he was smiling, my brother crossed in the gym and turned upset with anger. It's always. "

Finally, Santiago said his mother "felt discharged" after the news even though she revealed that her father was going into a patrol car as a "strong" image.

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