Tuesday , December 1 2020

The one was missing! You can watch the videos on WhatsApp without leaving the application

WhatsApp is a tool that is at the forefront and now you will have a new option. From now on, you can see the video of the app and no external tab will appear. Look!

New function of the app
New function of the app

The videos with a mobile window or PiP leave the beta period and can be viewed in Whatspp for Android. The company announced in the last hours and the 2.18.380 update was selected to visualize any audiovisual shared by other applications.

From the Wabetainfo site, they checked the presence of videos with a mobile window and can be used in the latest version of Whatspp for Android. It's a new function that allows you to visualize them. From now on, there will be no external tab.

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It should be noted that the mobile windows of the videos can be moved and resized according to the taste of each. In addition, the content can be played in the full screen. Of course, they must be shared Whatspp through the "Sharing" button.

Source: Pro Android.

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