Sunday , November 29 2020

The new changes that Google Chrome will introduce in 2019

After almost 10 years without modifying its design, Google Chrome will be renewed with a safer and personalized version. Check what the changes come from.

Google announced that it will change the design of one of the most used sites: Google Chrome, version 69. The company joins Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft browsers who decide to bet on a new design of their platforms to improve the user experience.

The new version of Google Chrome removes Flash from your browser.

One of the conversions is on the interface, which will be better adapted to mobile devices according to the giant: it will mainly use white color tone and with round tape, nothing connected to & # 39; r current interface, mold and angle tape.

Another innovation that brings the new change is a randomized passwords generator: when a user directs the cursor inside the password field, Google will generate a random password and & # 39; to offer the person. If you decide to use that password, it will be saved automatically in the password store.

Google says that Chrome 69 is more suited for mobile devices.

Finally, the company decided to erase Flash from its browser. From now on, users will have to give permission to the website to run the application every time it is started again.

Another contribution to newer Google Chrome 69 will adjust the links in the opinion of the user, which produces a more renewable page and more suited to the public taste.

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