Thursday , September 29 2022

The most used phrases in Tinder 2018 explain many things


Photo: Tinder

When December arrives, the brands are summarized the year that reveal the inside of huge data sets. Usually I would like to summarize Tinder: from the largest names sliding to the right to the best cities to flirt (which is never expected).

This year, Tinder's Swipe year explains many things. For example, "perreo" and "pachangueo" were among the most useful expressions of the application during 2018. But other data … is quite notable:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo, Mario Homes for Donald Trump are the most famous celebrities by the Spanish in Tinder.
  • "Model", "lifeguard" and "surfer" are one of the most popular tags among more favored users.
  • And Simpsons is the series of addresses from the Spanish in Tinder.
  • Pizza, croquettes and omelette are Spanish and the most specific meals in Spanish in the binder of Tinder.
  • In my feelings Drake is a wintessential anthem of Tinder users.
  • "Twerking" is one of the most popular terms in bios.
  • ?, ?, ?, ?, ⚽️ and ? are some of the most emoji used.
  • This fox was the most widely used GIF in Spain.
  • The Mad Cool festival in July was the event where there was more activity in Tinder Trustee throughout the year, followed by Valentine's Day.
  • On Monday at 10:00 pm at night there are moments with more active users, especially during August.
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