Tuesday , October 4 2022

The most expensive Christmas tree in Europe is already for sale


Its creators call Europe's most expensive Christmas tree. The gold company in Munich, Pro Aurum, has created a festival of gold pieces from 2018 with a great gold star, which is behind the company worth more than USD 2.6 million.


At first glance, they can look like aluminum wrapped pieces that usually decorate Christmas holidays, but gold distributor Aura Benjamin Summa says that she is pure gold and true.

"The Christmas tree is special because of its value, it's made from one ounce gold filthy of the Philharmonic Vienna and has a 20-ton gold star that makes 63 kilogram of pure gold, and A current rate has a value of around 2.3 million euros, "said Summa.


Having done in association with Austria Mint, the three-meter tree took just over an hour to gather and will be exhibited at Munich Pro Aurum Gold House until December 15.

But it's not as valuable as it could have been, a spokesman for Pro Aurum told Reuters, as gold prices plummeted in the second half of 2018, ranging from a range of USD 1,300-1,400 between January and June to USD Range 1,180-1,300 in the second semester. At present, gold is trading at a price of USD 1,244 in the future market.


"The gold rate remained stable for months, there was no movement in the market and the physical demand was relatively low, which has changed in the second half of the year, as we have seen," said the spokesman.

"The dollar is very strong, and the gold rate is often about inverse with the dollar, gold has lost a lot of value in dollars and in euros, so many customers have to buy and get a good deal "he added.

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