Sunday , June 26 2022

The Merval ended the week with an 8% loss and the country reached the highest point in the last 4 years


International markets are undertaking correction quickly and quickly. The dynamics are dragged Famous losses to Argentina stocks and bonds, because of the Domestic economy remains vulnerable, with a half way financial adjustment and with the help of the International Monetary Fund.

And panel Merval of Argentine Bags and Markets (ByMA) has dropped 2.7% on Friday and 8.5% per week, to be below 28,465 points. Throughout 2018, the loss in pesos is 5%, compared to inflation of more than 40%. Y have measured in dollars the panel of leading actions 53 per cent dropped. Bitcoin, a virtual currency, is getting worse, with the fall of the 80% in the year.

These figures are also found in the performance of ADRs, certifying the companies of Argentina to operate on Wall Street.

ADR o Grupo Financiero Galicia produces 61.9% in 2018, while the state YPF drops 44.3% to USD 12.76, its worth lower in six years, when the nationalization of the company celebrated its market prices.

The reduction in Argentina's sovereign bonds and stocks was held in a smaller place in the number of transactions and amounts discussed.

There are Argentina bonds papers that do not want, even with the incredible hard money products they offer, are desolate in the world. Y suspicion of funding capability of the public sector after 2020, when the end of the stand back With the IMF, they turn them to assets with high default potential.

there are two conditions of lapidary Argentina's debt warranties: y local legislation a maturity after 2020, which is for long-term and undeveloped Argentina, with elections between them.

Bonar 2024 offers a 14.5% annual rent in dollars in the secondary market. Y Bon 2025, 14.9%, while the 2033 Discount already generates 2033. They Default rates are practicable to any conservative investor.

In this context, the Country Risks from JP Morgan, who is measuring the US $ US $ US $ US $ US $ US $ US $ US $ US $ US $ US $ $ US $ US $ US $ US $ US $ US $ US $ US $ US $ US $ US $ US $ US $ US $ US $ US $ $ US $ US $ US $ US $ US $ US $ US $ US $ US $ US $ US $$$$. 822 basics for Argentina. With a Treasury After 10 years, producing 2.79% (279 basic points), the Argentine issue in 2028 should offer an income of 11% in dollars, which can not be paid for a country that is already in debt and without sight growth .

Argentina conforms to adjusting the basic financial deficit, which will bring to "zero" in 2019, but it's interest payment of debt an increase of 70% per annum in pesos and are already higher than the correct financial exemptions of maturity.

Argentina's price vulnerability is getting worse by the bad numbers coming from Wall Street.

The increase in interest rates because Federal Reserve from USA on Wednesday Exacerbate the losses from New York indices, added weak corporate consequences and fears due to lack of budgetary agreement between Republicans and Democrats.

From the 3 st October, the Dow Jones Industrial lose 16%, from 26,828 points to 23,540 internal.

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