Sunday , April 11 2021

The mechanics of the work: the euphoric celebration of Marcelo Bielsa for a golazo tested in the Leeds United

Marcelo Bielsa He is one of those coaches that leaves nothing at random. The obsession of Crazy It is a trademark registered in its work methods, and in the last training of Leeds United, the rosarino gave another sign of his personality when he observed that the trials came out as planned.

In one of the last practices, before your next commitment to Bristol City, corresponding to Football League Championship, of the second division of England, the rosarino celebrated a golazo of Patrick Bamford, one of the leaders of the field that leads.

After the attack of the attacker, Bielsa ran more than 50 meters to embrace the author of the conquest and congratulate the mechanics elaborated in the training. An image a few times seen, given that the DT is not to expose its euphoria.

El Leeds march third party in the tournament and maintains its aspirations to achieve the promotion to Premier League. His 30 points keep the cast from Crazy At the expectation of the pointer, Norwich, which adds 33 and the escort, Middlesbrough, which accumulates 31.

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