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The luxurious life of the lender executed in a mafia location that dominated violence in Rosario – 12/12/2018

In his family images, Facebook's profile re-chooses with others who display excess, luxury, threatening and even the image of some of their addresses: Lord Pablo Escobar of Colombian or "# 39 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; The mafioso Tony Montana ffuglennol, played by Al Pacino in the film "Scarface". Lucio Maldonado had an incredible activity, although researchers were clear: it was always associated with the world of dark crimes. His head was published, for many.

On November 10, he disappeared when he was visiting friends. His body appeared three days later in an open field near the casino in Rosario, in the south. His hands were tied, three pictures in the body – one in the throat – and a sign among the clothes he was noticing: "With the Mafia, do not burn". It is not clear if it was also tortured. The slaughter returned to the center of the scene of violence in a city that was registered Increasing the number of homicides after five years of low.

Maldonado has shown up on social networks with different weapons and bullets.

Maldonado has shown up on social networks with different weapons and bullets.

Maldonado was 37 years old. Your contacts with members of and band "Los Monos" they slip into different investigations. However, Esteban Alvarado, a man convicted of high car robbery and is known as another of the players in the drug business in Santa Fe, continues to be fake due to his death.

The name of Alvarado was re-emerged during the last hours, after the attacks to shots against two seats of Rosary's judicial power. "With the Mafia, you will not be fucked. Ate: Esteban Alvarado ", The He said a sign found by employees of the Criminal Justice Center. Despite that mention, the main assumption was that "Los Monos" was behind the attacks, which would have shown their dissatisfaction with the sentences received last week.

According to the researchers, Maldonado had links with a number of heavy pressures in the city. He was a lender able to carry out other tasks such as money laundering or weapon provision. The money earned in property and even in some trade was invested. In the past I had collected a case for threats, flooding, injuries, abuse and illegal use of weapons.

In social networks multiply the images where it is seen with machine lanterns, pistols and boxes with a bullet. Full tables of weapons. Even your little son is displayed with one. "The same taste as a father", says the text that accompanies that picture.

The portrait with luxury cars is also common. Researchers believe they are part of the work to convert money from criminal groups. That could, they estimate in the Justice, stimulate his head in boring business Perhaps Alvarado pushes. Portraits in buccal landscapes, with Wads of money, drinks and expensive jewelry They try to show it happily, successfully, but above all, scared. The day he disappeared he was alone and unemployed.

Another weapon that Maldonado showed in his social networks.

Another weapon that Maldonado showed in his social networks.

He told his relatives that he was going to eat a barbecue in the Godoy neighborhood, in the south western area of ​​Rosario. He lived in Tablada, one of the neighborhoods crossed by narco disputes. Curiously, hours later his car, Chevrolet Cruze, was parked in front of his house, as Maldonado always did. But it did not seem. The family tried to contact her by phone, but the cell phone was not answered.

She was found three days later in an open field, full of letters, near the neighborhood of Las Flores, where "Los Monos" power was born and grew.

Although the message that was written on an unusual cardboard found near the body was similar to others casting down different arrows against critics, episodes related to Cantere's song, the elements that researchers agreed allowed to refer to other direction. "(Alvarado) It could be the trigger or can be a participant. What we know is that he has had a share in the slaughter, "said prosecutor Matías Edery.

The gaming and GPS track of the Maldonado car allowed to establish before the victim was killed in a house in Alvarado, in an open neighborhood of the town of Piñero, in the south east of the Gran Rosario.

When the researchers examined that address, it was found that documents had been linked to 14 homes. One of them was the current owner Javier Makhat, a commissioner who was working as Second Dangerous Drug Intelligence the Investigating Police and after knowing that this information had to segregate his / her job.

Work is being done to establish whether Alvarado and Makhat are they had an old relationship. The alleged link was notified to senior leaders, in 2013, by the police Gustavo "Gula" Pereyra. That inspector's commissioner investigated the players of the narco business, but he was taken to trial for his alleged co-operation with "Los Monos", although he was released from the end.

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