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The longest final is also uncertain: what to know about an accident that can still be wrecked


Boca's president, Daniel Angelici, yesterday in the Conmebol building, on the outskirts of Asunción: "We will not play until the Tribunal has been published" Source: Reuters



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Libertadores Cup

, taking the final to Argentina;


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Want to do it in the Monumental and even the president

Mauricio Macri

He forgot about the moment of the G20 is about to end
your attention to the subject An intense day in Asunción del Paraguay and leaving, in Buenos Aires, a series of questions that are worth exploring in detail:

Why did the Conmebol decide to get the finals to Argentina?

Even the final play could not be imagined with fans to visit local fans; for the Conmebol, "
It is wise that the TERMINAL (sic) party is not played "in our country, in the homeland of Afon and Boca, because of" violence acts "recorded on Saturday.

The entity leading the Paraguayan

Alejandro Domínguez

He took that measure to secure the termination, having understood that there is enough evidence to believe that it can not be achieved here. In the statement, he explains that he will be responsible for "travel, accommodation, food and internal transfer costs of up to 40 people per delegation", suggesting that the game will be played in the stadium which with her

But he makes a necessary explanation: his decision is subject to "the disciplinary tribunal's decision", because he is required to leave the door open to the decision at Boca's request, and he asked for a page for disqualifying the River and the ruling through a Cup Desk In the presiding club

Daniel Angelici

there are doubts about the independence of those criteria.

Where and when will it be played?

It will not be decided. The first guess was in Asunción, where Conmebol has based. Paraguay police authorities expanded yesterday morning on possible security operations to protect the dispute. In the afternoon it seems to be weakening that chance and being abolished in Miami.

Other possible locations mentioned include Doha, the capital of Qatar, a paved alternative, despite the fact that the Qatari emirate flagship line sponsors Boca and Medellin. The Doha option would only be outside the limits of Conmebol and FIFA would require special permission.

The final date is ambiguous: "Between December 8 and 9," said the official statement; Saturday 8th is Virgin Mary's feast and, according to the chosen location, that could be inconvenience. Sunday 9 is the closing date: the Libertadores champion must attend on December 15 in the United Arab Emirates, to play the Club World Cup. And FIFA does not have to be challenged.

In any case, the location and date will be determined "through the Conmebol administration, as soon as possible".

Is it possible, after all, that game is not played?

That's what threatens Boca. "We will not play any games until the Disciplinary Tribunal is published, once we have those arguments that we will read, and if we do not agree, we will go to the appeals court and if we have to go to the TAS, we will go to the TAS "said president of Boca Daniel Angelici.

Club leaders include a specific point of view on the subject: before that in 2015, when Boca was disqualified in the Conmebol desks, demanding delays. "There's no reason to be helpful now, the world of Boca wants the points," is words that combine that situation.

So, the last one depends on what the Conmebol Discipline Unit determines?

Partly. Eduardo Gross Brown (Paraguay), Amarilis Belisario (Venezuela) to Cristóbal Valdés (Chile) are the judges who have to decide the validity of Boca's protest. He could notify his ruling between today and August, but he has up to 48 hours before the game has been sent. Can I follow the claim and the Boca crown? Yes, but that's unlikely to happen.

If, on the other hand, the decision is not Boca and the ruling, the club can appeal to the Court of Appeals. Beyond the South American area, you can enter your claim before the Sports Authority Court (TAS), located in Lausanne (Switzerland); This body has a fast solution unit, usually very active during the Olympics dispute.

However, a successive path of judicial drawbacks for Boca would not prevent the team from appearing to play. That version won strength yesterday: not to waste the sporting option of winning the Cup while the legal route follows its course.

Could the Cup be declared blank?

It is unlikely Circulating the theory that massive Libertadores who punish the River (for not being able to get the final return dispute, Saturday at its stadium) and Boca (because it insists it asks to disqualify its competitor) This would always be the most logical closing to this role, giving a Gremio, from the current Libertadores champion – Porto Alegre – the right to participate in the Club World Cup. But the decision of the Conmebol so that the Cup is determined in the field of the game reduces that possibility: the most extreme scene shows a river seems to play and be crowned in Boca's absence.

Does the River retain the location of this second final?

It's not clear. Shortly after returning from Asunción,

Rodolfo D 'Onofrio

He took a break out of the sleeve: President Macri's desire that the game was played in the Monumental.

Conmebol assumes his right to dispose of the final in these circumstances. In some way, the entity develops a year of what has already decided for 2019: a final to one game in a neutral location, managing the economic wells. To the extent that President Dominguez can mark an official offer of Argentina to keep the final organizers of the Libertadores, it is impossible to set up.

If the will of Conmebol is held, it is likely that the River will be forced to return the amount of tickets sold for a Saturday game, which would lead to a huge economic loss to the club already paid around 20 million security pesos and organization during Saturdays and Sundays. Do not rule out a cascade of views of injured fans.

The South America entity has not yet known to admit the supporters of both clubs in the new final.

But if the Disciplinary Unit's ruling solves any penalty against the Monument for the events, that would automatically support the political decision of the Conmebol to take advantage of the riverplatense river.

Is it possible to see Afon-Boca in the country yet?

That opportunity is two games away. The Marcelo Gallardo team plays the sun of the Argentine Cup tonight, against Gymnastics; if it outweighs that case and then the final against Central – on a date to set – as the event's champion will play next March of the Argentine Supercup against a champion current of the Superliga. What is Boca This year, played in Mendoza with the supporters of both teams at the Malvinas Argentinas stadium and without an incident.

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