Tuesday , August 9 2022

The Justice gave Florencia Kirchner a 15 day season to return to the country


Florencia Kirchner will have to return to the country on April 4, before what he intended to stay upright. Is that the Federal Oral Court 5, which understands in the case of Los Sauces he gave him an extension of 15 dayss want to stay in Cuba, where she gets medical treatment. That extension was organized "temporary"

Lfor an extension to apply from March 21 and until April 4. The daughter of the former President in Cuba performs treatment for various disorders that were derived from CFK- caused by "judicial persecution" against her.

In addition, the judges Daniel Obligado, José Martínez Sobrino and Adriana Palliotti the defense was asked to deliver seven days to present the complete clinical history and studies that Florencia Kirchner, 28, was against in Cuba.

The defense, which is responsible for Alberto BeraldiHe had asked for permission to Florencia Kichner to be 45 more in Cuba. He did so before the Federal Courts of Federal 5 and 8 – who have the trials for the "Los Sauces" and "Hotesur" cases – where Cristina Kirchner and her brother, Máximo Kirchner, are accused. money laundering and illegal society.

Florence suffers like "main diagnosis (definitive): post-traumatic stress disorder" and "other diagnosis: purpuric syndrome, sensitive demyelinating polyneuropathy, amenorrhea, low body weight and mild lymphoedema of the lower members"According to the medical report published by former President Cristina Kirchner last week on her account of the social network Twitter and its introduction to the Justice. Cuba doctors said it is not able to travel by air.

The Forensic Medical Corps analyzed the case and ruled that they needed to see the complete medical history when the studies had been completed and until that happened, it was advised not to travel by air because of the disorders that and because studies are being carried out.

Verbal Court 5 today ordered that the extension to remain in Cuba is 15 calendar days from March 21 to April 4. He said it was "temporary", so showed the sources consulted that it could be adjusted before submitting; r studies.

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