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The judicial goes of hiding | The Judge Lleral …

"Judge Lleral gave a political ruling, a proposal to the government and the G20, closing the cases of Maldonado and Jones Huala," he said. Page / 12 one of the lawyers of the complaint, who envisaged that they would fight the decision about lack of results and expert opinion. "The director of the procedure was Lleral and at the time of the autopsy he took the controller and test lawyers, he did not have the money that was more important than the DNI, his neglected test" Mauricio Rojas, from APDH explained. In other words, as well as appealing to dismissal and the only accused police officer, they will also challenge the chain of evidence.

The newly accepted deadly case began with a judge who ordered the resilience in a territory restored by the Mapuches in Cushamen, where Santiago Maldonado disappeared who appeared dead, and he had to investigate himself. "Drowning Santiago," he said in a newspaper. It was costing the situation in the file, but in fact it went from the mouth with something that has already sealed it from the start. The judicial system, as in all cases of defaults and institutional violence, is being implemented to deal with gendarmes crimes.

Gustavo Lleral arrived at humanity over the Mapuches and another image was created. I went to Porth Lof without custody, I got the relatives, but then I sent to the archive all the measures requested. When he took over, Otranto was already illegal in the file, and he only responded when the potatoes were too hot. Again, crowded, he ordered his destruction. On two occasions, he moved to monopolize communication and case, enforcing accusers to be silent: the day of discovery of the body and the Judicial Morgue. So, two days before the 2017 elections, he chose his words carefully: there are no signs that the body has been hurt or removed. Fate the case after throwing.

Enforce that day to leave the room where all the laptop was carried out with the autopsy. The money that was in Santiago's pants pocket on board was never assessed. The complaints plan states about poor performance for not keeping the retaining chain of those elements and other elements, including the DNI. Amongst the measures that have ever been made include rebuilding the facts, analyzing the camping warehouse that the gendarmes did on the day they joined the Pu Lof, where they could (or can not) be left football of the young tattoo tattoo artist. These bags did not appear. "The Gendarmerie did not take part in the disappearance or death of Maldonado," wrote Lleral. Some may be surprised, the ones who thought that all responsibility to the recruiting of Mauricio Macri release all responsibility. With mild meals, the magistrate continued with another style initiated by Otranto: the judicial leg of hiding a state crime.

They celebrate today the yellow factories that push a poison and poison without mercy praising those who lost their love and fight unfavorable for more than one year against state and media conditions. But this story continues in Washington, at the headquarters of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights of the OAS, where Argentina already has a sentence for the mandatory disappearance of the young young person's mapping Ivan Torres

"Santiago went voluntarily to the frozen waters of the Afon Chubut and he died there without witnesses of that tragic end," said Lleral. According to his honor again, as he had no ambitions to say before cameras and microphones that broadcast live that the autopsy contained 55 experts when they were 28. Not only are the witnesses of Mapuche, the gendarmes They also say they see it. Maldonado was a few seconds away from them as he ran.

"It's confusing, Lleral says he will unite the habeas corpus with the forced removal, rejecting the gendarme Emmanuel Echazú and managed to file his habeas corpus," he said. Rojas, or APDH. The body will shortly publish a statement on the political implications of the ruling, in the context of the G20. Lleral also filed the file on the mandatory abortion of Santiago.

This ruling confirms the situation of the family that has been insisting for months that the real impartial investigation began to the mandatory removal followed by the death of Maldonado. That is why the battle does not stop, no matter how many people are excused. The local and international appeal courts will get the last word.

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