Wednesday , September 28 2022

The importance of having a test for HIV-AIDS


At least once a year you have to perform routine checks for health control and work together in preventing different diseases. All the tests the doctor asks you, you should not lose the HIV-AIDS test.

A positive result in the test usually lets the person get astounded but the most important thing you need to consider is that it is currently A treatable disease that can be treated with medicines.

Within the framework of riding the gay pride of the Argentina AHF organization Free testing and distribution condoms were offered, as part of the HIV-AIDS prevention campaign

Last year, the NGO already offered this service, and of the 1200 tests in three days held none gave a positive result. This shows the importance that the population gives to the control of their health.

In the fourth riding of gay pride, Natalia Haag, national director of AHF Argentina's prevention and testing said: "It is very important that every person is tested on HIV once a year as one more control ", within this period, people were invited to take a quick HIV test.

For all the people who want to consult on places to take the test, they can go here.

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