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The group record for Nordelta was in the middle of a very hot session – 12/13/2018

Because the Tiger Borough offers the bus lines go into Nordelta In order to improve public transport in the area, local residents, dissatisfied with urban measurement, offered another "superador" project and offered combine a private circuit with the public. This Thursday, the official proposal was deemed voluntarily, in the middle of Thursday incredible session very hot, where there were cries of victory from domestic workers, who were present in the room and refused to discriminate to the private transport company.

However, the Transport Commission would have agreed with an average of 90 days with neighbors so that they can approve their offer and show that it works.

The project introduced by the neighbors, known as Comprehensive Transport Study, combines a public service line 723 with a private circuit. It contains two stages. The first one continues with the current private service, provided by Mary Go, but with more frequency, every 30 minutes, during peak time. And second stage, who will be responsible for the Nordelta Rio company, whose route will combine Doorways from all inland countries, more public and private transfer centers.

"There will be internal transport have to pay completely by the neighbors"he said Clarin Maria Eugenia Tomasello, vice president of Los Castores Neighborhood Association.

Tomasello also ensures that the first, transitory phase will last between 90 and 120 days, until the second phase can be implemented, the last one.

"Within Nordelta it will be there too cycle route circuit which connects all transfer centers. In addition, we will also act electric vehicles to the internal circuit to look after the environment, "said Tomasello.

On the other hand, the Municipio de Tigre's official bid, which seeks to leave a public path line 723 into the internal circuit. This idea creates strong refusal from the neighbors of the place, which ensured that this project would create more uncertainty in the area.

The incredible Debian session began to discuss the two projects for 10 hours in the morning. "If the official offer is approved, we will ask four month extension to go to sites and adjust the 723 route to the Nordelta internal circuit, "added Tomasello.

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