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The Government warns that the Court's ruling on benefits is only retired


They emphasize that only 2% of retired people pay the Profit and only 2000 proposals are put to the highest court t Source: LA NACION – Credit: Marcelo Gómez

As with the last failures of the


with an impact on public accounts, in Government he tried to reduce those financial consequences
the sentence passed today in favor of retirement.

In managing

Mauricio Macri

consider that the ruling which decided that retirement should be exempt from payment


"for now, only María Isabel García arrives, the retired woman who started the trial against


"The decision will have a negative impact on the extent to which the Court is proceeding with the adjudication of individual cases, something that may or may not happen over time," he said; r Ministry of Finance.
THE BIRTH. In the same way they were talking in the



At the moment there are about 300,000 retired who pay Profit, among those who receive their wages from the Anses and those that make us from; r provincial funds. The Court today has a further increase, 2000 increase, more cases. In the next deal, the highest court could approve those cases to some Garcia, while the lower courts could raise corresponding cases to the Court.

All of this, as long as the Congress does not specify a new law that excludes those who have retired from Earnings, as the judges demand today.

In the case of García, a deputy and teacher of Entre Ríos and retired from the provincial pension fund, the Court understood that "no amount for income tax can be withheld at the retirement of the candidate until the National Congress specifies law; Withdrawing this tax from retirement, having to repay the amounts suspended to Mrs. García since the claim was issued, that is, the State must return the money.

In Government they ensured that the impact in the public accounts would be "marginal". "Profit Law shows that everyone who receives more than 6 lower pensions ($ 62,460) must pay the tax, only 2% of pensioners receive more than 6 t minimum pension, the effect is marginal, "said official sources. .

In 2018 – according to data provided by the Government today – the total number of Anses for income tax to retire and pensioners was $ 5748 million, with $ 3,600 million equivalent to monthly salaries and $ 2088 million to hold back on sentences.

"The financial cost for the Nation is around 50% of the non-retained amounts, given that the income tax is a participatory tax", they warned in the Treasury.

Today in Government they noted that "the advantage is not the large mass of retired people" and that it is not excluded that there is a "view".
premium"and they recalled that the ruling will be beneficial, for example, to the judges retiring. t

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