Thursday , August 18 2022

The government of Buenosists enforces a law to punish the vandalism in the schools including sanctions for parents t


Government Buenosists, who are responsible for María Eugenia Vidal, present today before the provincial legislature a bill punishing and incorporating sanctions against those committing vandalism in schools, after recording about 117 incidents or theft in March.

Fines or arrest days it will also reach parents or guardians when the author of the damage was small.

Text to be presented today incorporates two articles into the Buenos Aires Crime Code. According to the attorneys, a penalty of 5 to 30 days in prison or a fine of between 50 and 100 percent of subayudante officer salary from Buenos Aires Police will be imposed on people who "install, submit or discard substances t unhealthy or injury-producing things "in public and private schools, including their immediate surroundings. t It is also it will punish those that are staining or dirty the affected buildings t to the educational service.

The offer also makes it possible to replace the arrest or the fine for the t set 2 to 10 days of public worksif the perpetrator does not have previous convictions and the seriousness justifies it.

When the authors of the offenses are minors, the amendment of the Code provides for the imposition of 1 to 5 days of arrest or fine – from 30 to 60 per cent of officer assets subayudante – to the adult who is 39, responsible, in case to check that the behavior is " tthe result of a shortfall or neglect in their duties by parents or guardians. "

If it is a repetition in the contravention, t the sanction for parents will be doubled, it can also be “forced to carry out family therapy,” he said.

Bill in PBA on Vandalism 1920 (3)Vandalism figures

To date this year there have been approximately 117 incidents of robbery and vandalism in schools in Buenos Aires. According to official data, if included 2018, there were around 248 incidents in that period.

The total number of these repairs will represent the Province of Buenos Aires a additional cost $ 205 million. The cost is equivalent to building 66 new garden classrooms, with each class of 40m2 with a value of $ 1.6 million, to be reported from the educational portfolio.

"The objective is to protect the student, the teacher and the educational community in general ensuring educational service provision"With this kind of events, a school is not only affected by the quality of teaching conditions, but also in some cases" they compromise the classes of boys and the safety ", they completed.

Public service days

The initiative envisages the ways in which the conventional judge can replace the sanctions for public utility days. Every day, according to the project, include "three hours of work" to be held in public institutions, such as "schools, hospitals, or other dependent institutions" of the provincial State.

The magistrates are the ones who have to define “the places and times” outside the day of work or educational activities. In addition, the sanction makes this reparation " tit must adapt to the physical and mental abilities"the offender, having regard to his / her" special skills or knowledge "which may be relevant for the benefit of the community.

Vandalism authors can also be authorized with the obligation to attend teaching courses, training sessions, programs designed by public or private organizations, or self-harm caused.

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