Wednesday , September 28 2022

The G20 organization left the differences with the operation of the River – Boca failed


Patricia Bullrich It was too bad.

It was during the press conference on Saturday, before final headquarters discussions by final Group summit document of 20, and after Friday, social movements and anti-globalization groups, in the same and It was anticipated that there could be large-scale events.

However, the first question of the Security Minister's conference in the Parque Norte complex had not aimed at the organization itself of the copper, but on the comparison between the massive act that was used around the event a Afon-Boca, which ended with events and moved the superfinal to Europe.

"The Police & City, who was currently responsible for the Afon – Boca party, and in this circumstance have made an extraordinary job with a new minister (Diego) Santilli and above all Secretary of Security, Marcelo D 'Alessandro, has been at the bottom of the canyon, "said the minister smiling.

He even ensured that he had not had the opportunity to attend the Teatro Colón to see the glasses offered by the Government to the leaders who came to the country to take part in the summit – this is & # The only minister who did not attend the gala – they said, because he had led to the security, which included more than 20,000 federal forces agents and the cooperation of many countries.

The success of the operations around the G20 inevitably opposed two weekend events at the River Stadium, which ended with Martín Ocampo has been injected from the Ministry of Justice and Security of Buenos Aires and a bullet in front of the world days after the most important international event in the management Mauricio Macri.

Bullrich did not mention the old minister. It was not necessary. The fact that Santilli, the new City Minister, and especially Alessandro, with Ocampo had done a terrible relationship, re-reclaimed the internal ones that existed from the first day in managing Change in security between the Casa Rosada and the Welsh Government Horacio Rodriguez Larreta.

"I'm very happy because the security has worked correctly"he pointed out to Macri at the press conference yesterday in the listing of praise for organizing a copper of the most powerful countries on the planet.

In the hours after the scandal around the match between the Afon and Boca in the Monumental, the Government had been responsible for leaving the anger of the head of state with the administration of Buenos Aires in general, and with Ocampo in particular. Days later, this media announced that the former minister was outside the country while the events with the micro-plant of xeneize occurred.

Bullrich will have referred to his absence in the Colon to identify differences with the old officer? The short circuits started between the two at the beginning and the change control. And he was multiplied by the transfer of the Federal Police to the city of Buenos Aires and by managing street protests.

The minister's allusion to Santilli is not occasional: the departure of Ocampo, according to the sources of Buenos Aires and Nation, was opened, a new step in the relationship between the two attempts.

On the other hand, on Friday, while Macri interviews Pedro Sánchez, president of the Spanish government, one of the Argentine government bilateral in the Buenos Aires summit, Spain's vice president, Carmen Calvo, explained in his country that the organization of the River – Boca in Madrid gave a "solitude" image.

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