Saturday , January 23 2021

The exercise for children that few adults can solve Viral challenge | Test | EIGHT SIDE

Can you deal with this new challenge? He has come viral Through social networks, a language practice “for 5-year-olds” that, despite its apparent simplicity, has not been able to be resolved by almost any Internet user. The question, posted on Twitter, has so far received thousands of responses on the Internet.

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The exercise comes from user @Hematocritico, who seems to have taken a children’s book to draw from the exercise in question, which seems easy, but has generated dozens of different responses. “I invite you to exercise five years old”, he wrote.

“What is the common syllable?”said the statement. Below is a picture of a door and another of a bird.

The post received over 500 responses; however, none have been able to find the answer to the exercise.

Finally, the author reveals the answer:


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