Monday , August 15 2022

The encouraging message by Guido Kaczka recalls his father's death: "You're feeling guilty …"


Guido Kaczka was a very emotional momentum capital where his father, who has died for several years, remembered that he could not stop his voice from breaking and gave her some tender words. Look!

Today, on La La Morning 100 (FM 99.9), "Not All All", Guido Kaczka He had an emotional moment in the air of his program when he remembered the death of his father, Benjamin Kaczka. Having said the exciting story of the law professor who remembered his dear father as he ordered his father's deceased things.

The man came in the story to an old computer, he contacted and checked, his father's memories came. Among the things that were discovered, this teacher found something very special: a letter written by his father.

"The boy was camping at that time … when he read the letter he was no longer a child and he saw that the father wrote the space that was produced when he was not there. He also said he was going to keep all of the split cuttings of Spiderman, who liked his son's senior carer, "so he began to say Guido Kaczka This emotional story that has gone in these days.

Therefore, Guido Kaczka He took a long time in the story of this story and remembered his father, his voice after cracking and emotion:

"I'm losing my father … and you should have the same thing as someone you love, someone who has left. What's life … When you lose someone, everything will come to you. "

"It also gives you a guilt when you forget certain things, give you a terrible crime. There are steps where you forget more, you're feeling guilty, say & I'm mad, how can I continue to live as if my father was not and I was not there. At one time I thought I'd forgotten, but no … . I do not forget the voice of my old man, "he added. Guido Kaczka, very exciting.

"What's important is that something will happen to everyone and yet it's so inconvenient and as unemployed, you can not take it as part of life and I'm part …", closed Guido Kaczka after being excited to remember his father.

This week, Guido Kaczka He remembered the story of his father, at the moment I realized something that made him feel embarrassed.

"I remember my father … In a moment his flight was open and his shirt came out as if he were a magician, as though he had an apple that seemed to surround" , began to count Guido Kaczka, in the 100 air.

And the driver "Do Not All All" continued: "I thought I was dead, this is the first time I say that my old man is not Superman, my old man embarrassing

Here's the response of Guido Kaczka when he learned that his son was ashamed of him: "I was b …"

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