Tuesday , November 24 2020

The dollar today: the currency trading with a slight increase

The dollar is being discussed tomorrow i $ 38.70 at Banco Nación, with an increase of 20 cents.

Wholesale money is developing 21 cents i $ 37.80.

On Wednesday, the dollar was stable, in line with the better external climate that infected Argentina's assets.

The wholesale exchange rate closed on Wednesday at $ 37.59 was sold with a decrease of 22 cents. The ticket was sold at an average price of $ 38.62 in the banks.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Finance said he had renewed 77 percent of Letras in Dollars (Letes) maturity this week, placing $ s850 million in these instruments in 196 days, with a 4.75 percent nominal rate. The rate of renewal was higher than the average of recent months.

The Merval is above 0.45% on Wednesday and Argentina's bonds restore land in a context of global progress in terms of trade tensions between the United States and China.

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