Thursday , January 28 2021

The dollar starts steadily in April at $ 44.40

It is worth remembering that March will be remembered as the month when investors make a great deal of soreness of portfolios, in the midst of high inflation, the economic recession and the tension generated by an election year.

These factors, added to other external factors, caused the wholesale dollar to register its maximum increase in six months: t It rose by 10.7% ($ 4.2) in March and ended at $ 43.35, despite a fall of 28 cents on a Friday round.

With this evolution with the banks and agencies of Buenos Aires city, where the ticket was higher t 10.6% ($ 4.3) to $ 44.40 after 29 cents retreated Friday in response to the new limits set for financial institutions for positions in Leliq.

It was usually the financial authority that imposed it Liquidity Lyrics (Leliq) about $ 69,507 million at an average rate of 67,982% in the second auction, against a rate of 68.279% in the previous tender.

The setting scored a maximum profit of 68.6235% and a minimum of 66.25% for the 10 day term. The reference rate for the 'Leliq & # 39; for the day was 68.155%, with a total absorption of $ 166.003 million.

It should not be forgotten, since last Thursday, that the BCRA allowed banks to invest in more Leliq letters to encourage an increase in the rates they paid for deposits in pesos and therefore favored appreciation of the r t exchange rate.

"For the second quarter, a better forecast is expected in terms of overseas income, due to the start of marketing of the gross harvest and income of Treasury funds approved by the IMF," the analyst said. Gustavo Quintana

Other markets

In the informal market, the green retreated 15 cents i $ 43.65, according to the survey of this medium in Downown Buenos Aires caves. In turn, gave the "contad con liqui" 14 cents to $ 43,53.

Finally, the Central Bank reserves A further US $ 231 million fell on Friday to US $ 66,177 million. In March, a loss of US $ 1,833 million was accrued.

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