Tuesday , October 4 2022

The dollar raises 13 cents to $ 38.81, the day after the end of the floor floor


Meanwhile, in the Single and Free Exchange Market (MULC), the money is jumping 65 cents in the first wheel operations to $ 38.10.

In the informal market, of its part, the blue opera is stable $ 37, according to this media survey in caves in downtown Buenos Aires. He rejected the "money settlement" on Tuesday 79 cents to $ 37.40.

Green comes from raising 36 cents on Wednesday to $ 38 and record its second consecutive line, after the BCRA announces the deletion of the 60% interest rate floor.

Meanwhile, in the wholesale segment the currency raised only five cents to $ 37.45, after more than £ 38 on average for the day.

It should be noted that, in the context of EMN's reflected drop-in inflation expectations released yesterday, the Central Bank announced yesterday that it eliminated the interest rate floor of 60%, while establishing a band so that it & # 39; r dollar. who will govern in the first quarter of 2019.

After that announcement, Leliq Central Bank auctioned for 7 days for $ 177,040 million, with a rate of 59.102%. For the first time, the average product was below the fixed rate of 60% set by the financial authority with the launch of the new financial program last October. The highest rate was 59.74%.

In this way, from the first days of October to date, the interest rate recorded a reduction of more than 14 percentage points, reaching a 74% mark.

Dollar in the world

He raised the dollar and the yoke on Thursday after the arrest in Canada's senior technology technician, Huawei, ignored fears about trade tensions between the United States and China.

In this way, the rising demand for money as a refuge rose as questions about the commercial treasure agreed a few days ago between the presidents Donald Trump a Xi Jinping.

Against a basket of six competitors, the dollar rose 0.2% to 97.202. The average money decreased by 0.4% this week, but only 0.5% lower than 17 months from 97.693 that touched on November 12.

Other money markets

In the interbank currency market "Call money" I've been executed on average 57%. In exchange exchanges, it was agreed to take and / or put money in pesos to 140 million dollars, using the purchase and sale of dollars for tomorrow and Friday.

In the future market Rofex, where $ 460 million was discussed, more than 50% were agreed between December and January, with final prices at $ 38.5500 and $ 40.2600 with 41.23% and 48.05% TNA rates respectively.

Finally, the the BCRA's international reserves U $ S 850 million up to US $ 50,271 million.

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