Friday , August 19 2022

The dollar fell to $ 40.21, after the rate hike validated by the Central Bank


It was in line with the wholesale market, where the currency dropped 31 cents to $ 39.22 but it remains within the zone that does not interfere, established for the wheel from the Central Bank between $ 38,426 to $ 49,728.

The whole day with a tendency decreased and with a price reduction but in a quiet scenario and with a moderate business. Prices, in this context yet, moved in a wide range of variations and with falls that suggested that he would repair the $ 39 floor at some point.

The maximum amount was recorded at $ 39.45 soon after the trading today began, eight cents below the values ​​shown in the end.

Sale orders were placed early in the field where the big players operate, producing price reductions that had a break in the middle of the day.

At the beginning of the last session of the session, the revenue was canceled and prices had had difficulties that led to discounts of $ 39.05, one step away from the $ 39 drill.

Once that result is known, the wholesale exchange rate had a small recovery that took to the level recorded at the end.

Despite this refusal, The North American currency rose 60 cents per week, summarizing three consecutive weeks of an increase in their quotation.

The prices moved a few of the annual numbers reached on Wednesday this week, but they went up to the end of the floor with a very solid floor above $ 39.

"The official strategy was able to dismantle the pressures at the exchange rate and it began to guess again with the likely chances that the price is set below the bottom of the official non-interference zone," said operator . Gustavo Quintana

In the informal plasma, the blue rose 50 cents a $ 39.75. In the meantime, the "contado con liqui" came 20 cents yesterday at $ 39.76.

Other markets

In the interbank currency market call money I've also been activated up to 43% on average. In foreign exchange exchanges, it was agreed to take $ 133 million and / or install money in pesos by using dollar purchases for Friday and Monday.

In the future market Rofex, where $ 1,208 million was discussed, 50% agreed between February and March with final prices of $ 39.90 and $ 41.14 with rates of 48.81% and 39.12% TNA.

In turn, Central Bank reserves dropped from US $ 49 million to US $ 66,983 million.

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