Tuesday , August 9 2022

The dollar came to $ 40.56 after the BCRA authenticated a new hike in the rate


He was in conjunction with the Single and Free Exchange Market (MULC), where the money drops 14 cents to $ 39.53 and stays within the zone of nonintervention, established for the wheel from the Central Bank between $ 38,426 to $ 49,728.

For this result, the financial authority was awarded $ 183,875 million in Leliq to 7 days and yet verified a significant increase in the rate – the highest of the last five wheels – the average cut was 49.026% (Wednesday was 46.014%). The highest rating awarded was 50.4998% and the lowest rate was 44.001%.

"The strategy applied yesterday (by Wednesday) by the financial authority to decomposition of shoulder weight at the wholesale exchange rate continues on the date with another tap of the screw when adjusting the interest rate , "said operator Gustavo Quintana, of PR Corredores de Cambio.

In that context, that added "The increase in the rate determined by the Central Bank expires by encouraging the current expectations of the dollar's continued increase, creating a small reduction that could indicate the start of another cycle of casualties, # 39; return it to the bottom limit of the domain of official interference ".

The prices responded to the demand with an increase in their quotation that led them to reach a maximum of $ 39.90 in the seconds of the largest purchase pressures. The offer came slightly more intense in the second part of the session and the values ​​were declining, reducing initial progress. The total volume fell by 25.9% to US $ 651 million.

In the meantime, the result of the Leliq tender, with a new increase in the rate, defined a dollar down course, which, due to the disadvantage of jobs and overseas income, has reduced to touch at least $ 39.40 from the last half hour of operations.

The strategy applied yesterday by the financial authority to decompose comprehensive pressure at the wholesale exchange rate continued on the date with the other turn of the screw when adjusting the interest rate "(Gustavo Quintana, the operator of Corredores de Cambio)

Dollar in the world

He earned a dollar index, which measured the green against a basket of six large monies, 0.11 percent to 96,559, after the last Federal Reserve's last minutes were re-expected of at least one interest rate rise extra during this year.

In this context, the dollar decline in the local market occurred in the other direction of the region. So much so that the Brazilian currency of 0.7% was in Brazil, it was 0.4% higher and Chile rose by 0.2%.

Other markets

In the bank money market, money was also used to increase to an average of 43%. In foreign exchange exchanges, it was agreed to take $ 133 million and / or install money in pesos by using dollar purchases for Friday and Monday.

In the Rofex future market, where $ 1,208 million was discussed, 50% were agreed between February and March with final prices of $ 39.90 and $ 41.14 with rates of 48.81% and 39.12% TNA.

In the informal plasma, the blue went down 25 cents a $ 39.25. Meanwhile, he added "contado con liqui" 64 cents yesterday to $ 39.96.

In turn, the Central Bank reserves He raised US $ 23 million on Wednesday to US $ 67,032 million and $ 234 million a month.

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