Friday , August 12 2022

the disease that could infect people


Some animals from North America become ill from the bad "zombie deer", a disorder that destroys the nervous system.

I fear Deer herds, raffles and forests in North America are becoming ill for what they are called bad "zombie deer", a disorder that gradually destroys the animal nervous system.

This disease is common in 23 states and in the United States, and in two provinces of Canada, Norway, Finland and a small number in South Korea, National Geographic reported.

A chronic accumulation disease or also known as zombie deer disease. Due to its symptoms,There is a neurological disease that has similar "zombie" symptoms: it causes the animals to look low, empty eyes, falling stomachs, losing appetite, walking with repetitive patterns and the head and ears disappear. With the passage of time, they lose weight and die.

The syndrome was first detected in slaughtered animals in 1960, and in wild deer in 1981, but since 2000 the affected area has increased to reach different territories, with a rate of up to 79% in herds slaughtered animals.

The concern in the United States and Canada is increasing due to the risk of interruption from the "zombie deer" disease. According to scientific studies, monkeys can contract the disease that causes deer and vast massive deaths.

With the studies carried out so far, scientists believe that the transmission of this syndrome occurs through proteins, which are known as proteins, which are spread among animals through fluids body, either directly or through body contamination. soil, water or food. It fears that people can be infected in the same way, although they believe it is unlikely.

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