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The deficit that the River must correct to continue at the top – 12/20/2018


The defeat against penalties against Al Ain FC was an unexpected custody for the River. At this time, he imagined the American champion to prepare the final against Real Madrid. However, Kashima Antlers is the competitor who expects him on Saturday at Sheikh Zayed Stadium. The third is a comfort, almost friendly reward. Er there is an obligation: to win in order to not finish a comfortable room and not spoil the result of a spectacular year. You must correct Marcelo Gallardo's item, the headache that harassed her defense throughout the semester. Even despite the victories and having a Copa Libertadores de America. He wants the ball attack to stop.

Emotional reasons were asked to explain the fall to the Arabs. And there was not much depth in football. Apart from the self-criticism of the trainer and player, there is a point where the River is in debt. More than 50% of the goals received in this second part of 2018 were through the stopball. Almost half (44%) came to a product of a corner kick. All of the symptoms that this is to save Achilles this winning Doll team.

From 18 goals, the Afon in the four competitions received that he played this second semester (Superliga, Libertadores, World Cup and Argentine Club Club), 10 are stopped. And besides the Luis Silba (Sarmiento de Resistencia) penalty, Gastón Fernández (Estudiantes) was free to throw Gonzalo Bueno (Colón) to a goal. And Uruguay who plays in the Santa Fe team and seven other voices resulting from a corner. Nicolás Blandi (San Lorenzo, the day that broke with 963 minutes from Franco Armani), Facundo Erpen, Marcos Martinich (Michel (Guild), Darío Benedetto (Boca), Santiago won Silva ( Gymnasteg) and Marcos Berg (Al Ain FC) in the aerial game.

"They are very specific situations, from protecting your bow. You need to be more focused. Obviously we have to improve that point, but it does not go mad and psychopath. "Gallardo said at the end of November, when he noted everything that the rematch against Boca would be played in the Monumental. And although it is not a matter of despair, it is clear that the River will need to confirm itself in this item. Berg's goal after sixty seconds of play is a symptom of the problem.

In defending the ball, the River takes some man-to-man marks and leaves other players free to go to the ball. Corners are Armani's weakness, He showed many reactions and agility in breathtaking rescues but he lost a number of corner shots. Without going further, on Tuesday at Al Ain when the Swede fought the supply of Ahmed and the goal under his legs became the first post. Meanwhile, Jonatan Maidana and Javier Pinola exceed the eighty meter. However, the header is not the strength of the central markers, exactly.

There is a positive statistic: of the 26 games that played after the World Cup in Russia, at the end of 10 it ended with the unfortunate goal. Although better during the first phase of the year: Franco Armani was unsuitable in 13 of the 22 games he played. Another indicator that there are low defenses, beyond the strength and the results shown by the team from the end of July to December.

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