Tuesday , January 26 2021

The Creative Assembly is developing a first person action game

Creative Assembly has confirmed, through its own official account Twitter, who develops a first person action video game. His first famous witness was the famous film director Neill Blomkamp (TheClass 9, Elysium), who has been able to see the British study of study in his project directly. However, what's the new game?

The first thing we know about this theoretical videogame goes back to last summer, when several job offers came to it. Notes that he is First person action game with tactical components, and since many have expected to follow it Alien: Isolation, this new project was not long as a sequencing to videogame SEGA launched in 2014. However, the Creative Assembly itself states that it is new license or ownership.

The Creative Assembly is

It seems unlikely to make it a game in the Alien saga

Make a saga game Alien It seems unlikely – not impossible – especially after launching Alien: Blackout and the confirmation that FoxNext and Cold Iron Studios are taking part in a MMO shooter based on this universe of extraterrestrials and corporations. Some have noted, given that Blomkamp is taking part, it could be an innovative video game, in the style of a director's taps that almost take Halo and -curiously- and a fifth installment Alien i & movies. An adaptation to the unit of any of your movies to the video game? It can be.

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