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The consesaires are trying to sell a stock of 260,000 cars – 12/19/2018


The fall in the middle of the new car sales rejected as a tonne: 80% shooting prices and since then sales have not expired. So, today, the sector collects stock from 260,000 units: the highest level recently. From the Automotive Trading Association (ACARA), they make 2018, in profitability, the worst of the last 10 years.

Car sales started a first semester of significant increase, in July and lowering the forecasts for 2018 to fewer than 800,000 units. Summing up the eleventh month of 2018 is 774,571 units, that is, a a 9.2% decrease compared to the same period of 2017.

"Clearly, this year, we had negative profitability and received cables and dealers, we can not index our lists and until the stocks are normalized, it will be difficult to get out of that situation," explains the new ACARA general manager , Carlos Movio.

Ricardo Salomé, the treasurer of the entity, said "about 20 missions that have closed in the last few months or have closed." Earlier in the month, without going further, Ford abolished a six seller's license. they have been selling a little and nothing since the devaluation, they are also a restructuring, which brings about 15,000 people in the sector today in a weak work situation, I do not say they have been dismissed, the idea is never a fire that took us years to train and train, "he said.

Promotions are other matters that include dealerships in suspense. They ensure that the cars have "some very high bonuses". "In this sense, here is the best time to buy zero zero", ironizan is ACARA. "It's a great deal to leave this discount scheme (discounts) because people validate the price," Movio explained. However, that stock accrued by the sales fall in the second part of the year, can be canceled by February 2019, the executive is estimated.

"In January, we will have a clearer picture of how the market will be introduced", since that month, 12% of annual sales is usually made, explain the entity's director.

According to Rubén Beato, ACARA's general secretary, "the internal market will be around 2019 600,000 units, which means a 25% discount compared to the 800,000 units that will be patent this year"Among other expectations, ACARA estimated that a total value of 160,000 would be made through savings plans.

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